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Family Begs Internet to Save This Dog Trapped in a Wildfire in Canada

Fort McMurray, a Canadian city got caught by a massive wildfire and people were ordered to evacuate as quickly as possible. People needed help but animals too needed help. Marty Frost was there and wasn’t afraid of the raging fire since he has some serious experience fighting fires in the past.

Frost saved a lot of pets who were left behind after their owners were forced to leave their hometown. Unfortunately, among the hundred dogs left behind, there was one puppy named Max. Max was locked inside his house after Stephanie Green and her family were forced to leave the town. Stephanie was devastated and made a plea for anyone to rescue her beloved pet Max.Family-Begs-Internet-to-Save-This-Dog-Trapped-in-a-Wildfire-in-Canada-1

Frost heard her plea and did what a true hero does.

“I saw it on Facebook. I had gone up to their house several times to get him, but couldn’t locate the property,” says Frost.

Frost didn’t give up, he kept returning. The street was starting to catch fire and Frost and 2 volunteer rescuers started breaking down the door. The volunteers heard Max barking! They smashed the door and got to Max.Family-Begs-Internet-to-Save-This-Dog-Trapped-in-a-Wildfire-in-Canada-2

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“The whole experience was surreal, almost apocalyptic I’m not sure it has quite sunk in,” explains one of the volunteers.

The moment they got Max to safe, Frost contacted his owner.Family-Begs-Internet-to-Save-This-Dog-Trapped-in-a-Wildfire-in-Canada-3

“It’s actually probably bittersweet for you, because your house was just starting to catch fire when we rescued him,” Frost told her.

“I don’t care about the house. We got exactly what we wanted,” Greene said.

Max is one lucky dog! He was rescued and returned to his beloved family.Family-Begs-Internet-to-Save-This-Dog-Trapped-in-a-Wildfire-in-Canada-4

Cheers Frost and all those heroes out there who risk their lives to save innocent animals!

Source: The Dodo