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Fall/Winter Fashion Trends 2014

Fall/Winter is our favorite season of the year. It’s the season when we wrap ourselves in snugly coats and layers of soft knit. Designers from all over the world has shown us outfits with clean lines, lovely silhouettes and androgynous looks in fur, capes and leather.

Follow the fall/winter trends right now…

1. Sixties Inspired


Knee-high leather boots, mini-skirts, and pastel colors make their great return. Get inspirations by Twiggy’s style and wear your sixties inspired look with confidence.

2. XXL Coats


This season, the coat makes a major comeback. Choose a long or a ¾ length coat, and make your stylish appearance.

3. Gold


Gold took to the spotlight across the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 runways. Choose a gold top or if you’re bolder, put on your golden dress.

4. Fairytale Inspired


The fairy tale, dreamy and imaginative designs are still huge in fashion. Think huge fur hoods, jade green capes and Little Red Riding Hood thick ruby coats.

5. Tailored Suit


This winter, suits take on a masculine edge. The classically tailored suits are making a great comeback.

6. Knits, Knits, Knits


What’s more comfy than a knitted sweater during winter times? Take out your knit since it’s the trend to follow this season.

7. Fur


A fur coat is a must during the cold weather. Choose a more bold and extraordinary coat to make an outstanding impression.

8. Burgundy Is The New Black


Burgundy has become the greatest fashion trend right now. From coats, to dresses, shoes and bags, burgundy is the color to wear this season. Wear it and make a fashion statement.

9. Leather Is Always On Trend


The leather mania continues during this season. A nice tailored leather jacket and leather pants are something you must own in your closet. And for a night out, choose the body fitting leather dress.

10. A Crop Top


The crop top continues to be on trend. It’s a nice way to show a little skin during winter times. And why not try a knitted crop top or try it wearing a simple shirt underneath it.

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