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Eternal Gratitude: This Man Saved 2 Foxes and Now They’re Inseparable

“If you can’t reward it, at least be grateful” and these 2 foxes are really following this old Arabic saying. These two adorable animals owe their lives to one special person and they don’t miss an opportunity to show him their affection and gratefulness.


Patsy Gibbons is the man who found two sick and starving baby foxes. The noble man couldn’t leave the babies behind so he took them with him. He nurtured them, fed them and when the foxes were old enough, they were ready to get back into the wild. Although Patsy was ready to set the foxes free, they didn’t want to leave their rescuer.


Gráinne and Minnie are the names of the two animals and they’re so grateful that they follow Patsy everywhere he goes. One of the foxes literally sits on his shoulders all day long.

“People from all around the UK ask me for tips but I’m no expert in foxes and I’m learning something new every day,” says Patsy.

Take a look at this adorable and inseparable trio!

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