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How to Engage Kids in Outdoor Activities

It is no surprise that kids nowadays are deprived of living an active lifestyle on a day to day basis.

By no means am I going to blame tablet devices for the decrease in outdoor activities. I believe that these devices can be a powerful tool to educate the latest generation in a way that was not possible decades ago. However, the problem is over-consumption of technology, which can be a harmful detriment to children’s health.

Ask yourself when was the last time your child went bike riding in the court with their fellow neighbors?


It seems as though passing your child the iPad is the quickest solution when they are winging about something. The unfortunate side to this solution is that kids view technology and entertainment interchangeably.

From my own experience, I remember that my toddler cousin hadn’t had dinner and refused to eat until the television was turned on so that he could watch Peppa Pig. When his father refused to turn the television on the child threw a tantrum and didn’t eat his food. It was shocking to say the least to see that the child would be willing to skip a meal because he wasn’t allowed to watch TV.

I’m sure many parents go through this painful scenario on a day to day basis however; the key is to shift the child’s focus by engaging them with a better option.

Go on a technology free detox with your child and find an active way to entertaining them.
Have Fun With Trampoline

An outdoor trampoline is an excellent investment because it is the perfect balance between fun and physical activity. There is a feeling of invincibility from jumping sky-high (or at least it feels like you are) on a trampoline. By bouncing around, it is also an excellent way for kids to work their muscles and cardiovascular system. It may seem like a costly solution to the problem, but due to the nature of the online market place it isn’t difficult to find trampolines for sale.

MyDeal.com.au and eBay both offer trampolines at manufacturer prices, which you would not find in a department store. Furthermore, trampolines are a long term investment as they tend to be used on a daily basis for many years. From personal experience I have found the re-sale value of trampolines is pretty good and you can earn the money back. For younger children it is smart to invest a trampoline with safety netting to prevent injuries when unsupervised. A below ground trampoline is also more ideal than an above ground trampoline as it removes the risk of falling.

Build A Tree House

Or you can just kick it old school and build a tree house in your backyard, provided you have the space and materials to do so. The benefit of a tree house is that your child will appreciate their own personal sanctuary by encouraging them unleashing their imaginative side. It is also great for you as less clutter will be scattered around the house and toys can be stored in the tree house. The process of building a tree house with your family will definitely be a memory that will be cherished forever. Personalize the tree house to make this area more appealing for a child. You can do this by painting on the walls, adding decorations in their favorite color and adding toys which they love. Once your children grow up, you can convert this tree house into a shed to store all your tools.

In a world saturated with technology, it is essential that you encourage kids to pull their eyes away from screens.

Give your child the chance to live the active life you lived by utilizing these ideas!

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