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Egyptian Nutritionist’s Tips on How to Stay Healthy This Winter

In winter can be quite cold and that makes it difficult to maintain a healthy diet. We all prefer something warm and soothing, instead of a cold salad, right? Have you noticed that many people are having difficulties maintaining their weight during winter? It seems like everyone is overeating and gaining lots of weight. Winter is coming, so if you don’t want to end up with extra weights again, carefully read this article because you’ll learn many things that will help you stay healthy and fit during the winter months.

Zahwa Farouk, a registered associate nutritionist who studied nutrition at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom, reveals the most incredible tips on how to stay healthy, fit and motivated this winter!

Common deficiencies and nutritional issues that people experience during winter

During winter, the days are extra short and the nights extra long and we all miss the sun. Many people during winter, experience seasonal depression and most people develop vitamin D deficiencies. Make sure you consume more vitamin D, calcium and omega 3. Get as much sun exposure as you can and eat more foods that contain vitamin D such as salmon and eggs. Consume more dairy products to increase your calcium levels and more walnuts and flaxseed to get more omega 3 fatty acids. Some people might even need supplements.

Stop the lethargic feeling during the winter

Your energy depends on the foods you consume. If you’re overeating or under-eating, you might end up feeling lethargic. The key to combating this lethargic feeling is to have a balanced and healthy diet, good sleep and exercising. Consume more foods rich in vitamin C and zinc, such as broccoli, leafy green vegetables, lemons, bell peppers and oranges.

Foods and snacks that we should consume more during winter

Make sure that you consume nutrient-dense foods. We advise you to consume more veggies and bean stews because they’re very nutritious and filling. When it comes to snacks, consume more fruits and nuts because they’re satisfying and very nutritious. Just make sure you get enough vitamins, minerals and healthy fats every day.

Eliminate dry skin from the cold weather

Dry skin occurs mainly due to dehydration. We all drink less water during cold days, so make sure you drink at least 2 liters per day. You can also drink as much warm tea as you want. Add some ginger, lemon and honey to your favorite tea and enjoy!

Maintain a healthy diet without putting extra pounds

Warmer foods and snacks will give you comfort and will help you feel fuller. Start your day with a hot porridge decorated with delicious fruits and nuts. For dinner, choose a roast vegetable soup and brown bread. And for dessert, we recommend homemade hot chocolate that will soothe you and warm you up.