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What To Eat When You’re Hungry Before a Workout

Everything you eat before, during and after your workout will have an effect on your training. The key is not overeat before working out, but what happens when you feel extremely hungry right before hitting the gym?

Here’s what’s good to eat when you’re feeling really hungry right before a workout:

1. Fresh fruits

You can eat any fruit you want before working out. The best thing is to choose season fruit or the one that’s best for your stomach. Bananas are great energy bombs.

2. Eggs

Boiled eggs are the healthiest. You can eat a whole egg right before a workout, you’ll feel full and you can easily focus on your training.

3. Sweet

Don’t eat candy or sweet. If you’re craving something sweet, choose some dark chocolate or granola bars.

4. Yogurt

Only 1 glass of yogurt before working out will make you feel full and filled with energy. Drink it 15 minutes before training.