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How to Develop Your Own Style & Boost Confidence

There has never been a better time for plus size women to develop their own unique style and really show it off. Clothing designers and manufacturers have finally caught on to the fact that women’s plus size clothing is a huge money-maker. With the average woman now wearing a size 14 there’s a huge demand for plus sized clothes that are fashion forward, flattering and trendy. That means there are more options for plus sized women than ever before (see the Pink Clove range, for example) when it comes to putting together a unique personal style and flaunting their figures instead of hiding them.

Social media is filled with style innovators and influences who are putting together their own plus sized styles and empowering other plus sized women to do the same. If you’ve been struggling to try and figure out what your style is here are some tips that will help you figure out your own style and boost your confidence in how you look:

Dress for your body shape

Forget hiding your curves under tent like dresses and baggy tops. Plus-sized women rock their curves everyday now and you should be doing the same. But in order to make sure that the women’s plus sized clothing that you choose is flattering to your body you should dress for the body shape that you have. Not sure what body type you have? Look up a body shape guide or quiz to help figure out what type of body shape you have. Then you can choose cloths that will flatter your shape.

Don’t be afraid of colour

For years plus sized women have been hiding their figures in black, navy, and other dark colour clothing. It’s true that dark colours are flattering for all figures. However, there’s no need to hide your figure anymore. Bright coloured clothing that accentuates and shows off your curves is a must for today’s modern plus size fashionista.

If you’re not quite ready to jump into brightly coloured dresses or mixed prints start small by adding a few brightly coloured pieces to your wardrobe. Try a bright magenta or teal top with a black pencil skirt for work or buy yourself a colouful but tailored jacket that will make your waist look tiny and really show off those curves.

Forget About “The Rules”

Many plus-size women never really develop their style because they like certain kinds of clothes that they were told not to wear. So the wear dowdy sack like dresses and dull pants instead of the richly coloured boho skirts or athletic style clothing they really want to wear. Toss those old rules right out the window because they don’t apply anymore. The only rule of plus size dressing these days is to wear what makes you happy.

Wear a two-piece bathing costume if you want to wear one. Wear a bright print. Choose an empire-waisted top if that’s what you like. Don’t listen to what anyone else says about what you should wear. Find what style of clothing makes you really happy and wear that style. Maybe you want to rock a pin up style wiggle dress but you’ve been told bigger girls shouldn’t wear knits. Wear the knit, and look fabulous in it.

Create a great basic wardrobe

One of the best ways to make sure that you can always put together a fabulous outfit is to make sure that you have a great set of staple items in your wardrobe. These should be basic pieces that are timeless in style, made from high quality materials, and fit your body perfectly. You should have at least one great jacket, a pencil skirt, a fantastic pair of jeans, a crisp button up shirt, a sheath dress, a maxi dress, and one little black dress that makes you feel amazing.

If you can assemble a good basic wardrobe then you can use accessory pieces, jewellery, belts, shoes, and the occasional fantastic top or printed skirt to bring a little of your personal flair to an outfit. But with a great capsule wardrobe of pieces that fit great and have timeless style you will always have something to wear that makes you look beautiful.

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