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Designer Cyrus Nazarri On How He Found Success In His Greatest Passion,  Designing Clothes For His Collection 

Women’s high end fashion designer Cyrus Nazarri was born in Tehran, Iran. Cyrus immigrated to Paris, France at the young age of 12 and went on to complete his education there at the prestigious Esmod Fashion school located in Paris, France. 

Cyrus double majored in design and patterns graduated with honors. He subsequently went on to work in a number of prestigious European Ateliers, honoring his skill. 

Cyrus’ parents helped spark his love of fashion. His father was always an impeccably dressed man from head to toe and similarly to his mother. She is extremely fashion conscious and well-dressed. 

Because of his parents’ influence, he learned how to tie his tie before tying his shoelaces.

In his career, Cyrus has worked for several highly successful firms as a designer, pattern maker, and technical director. But having his Fil & Needle Atelier and collaborating on the conception and manufacturing of various large labels is extremely unique. 

The talented designer who has created highly technological cut and sew outfits for some of Los Angeles’ most well- known businesses went on to release his own high end fashion brand for women called ‘Cyrus Nazari.’ The Cyrus Nazari collection was created to fit the vibrant, stylish, and dynamic lifestyle of the traditional LA woman while being ecologically friendly.

The brand offers flexible essentials that ladies may wear from day to night, with an emphasis on custom-made designs, sensuous, premium gowns, and customized pieces. 

Along with being unique, Cyprus Nazzari and his brand are really environmentally aware. The brand stays true to its mission of manufacturing the perfect item of clothing without generating human waste or leaving a carbon impact on the earth. “I am extremely ecologically sensitive about the materials we use, how they are used, and I continue to create,” Cyrus said. Within the United States, the brand’s items bypass the transportation process entirely, promoting local employment growth.

 “Super sexy, geometrical, and allowing the materials to flow with the female shape” exclaims Cyrus about his collection!

Appreciating the notion that fashion never goes out of style, Cyrus is always changing his designs to keep up with the times. You should reinvent yourself at least once a year since trends and times change quickly and Cyrus does just that.  He adores that fashion designing is always interesting and never dull. From manufacture, assembly, and finish through campaigns and photo shoots, every aspect was considered. There’s plenty to anticipate, and it’s always fascinating to watch how new art is accepted.

The highly educated designer gives a word of advice to those aspiring to become fashion designers reminding us that fashion design is one of the few, if not the only, creative forms in which the artist is completely reliant on a team and precise timing. Nobody has ever succeeded as a designer on their own. And success necessitates the creation of the ideal product at the ideal moment.

The designer reminds aspiring designers to learn very early that “you are unique and different, and that’s what should show in your work.” Nobody ever gets anywhere without hard work and the skill set to put a vision into reality. Working on your craft every day will be rewarding and most helpful in the end. 

“Trends will change, the quality of your work should never” says Nazari.

In order for Cyrus to become the success he is today, he went through many unfortunate obstacles. Some include moving to France without his parents at the young age of 12. Growing up in a foreign country and immigrating to the US after that all alone. A new place and a new life are very challenging at any age, but it was very rewarding to overcome that to him. 

Professionally, Cyrus believes persevering through the Covid-19 pandemic and carrying an entire workforce through that was tough. But then again, he agrees that it really was a testament to how resilient we as human beings can be and what we are capable of when times get tough. 

Creating clothing that makes women feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident is Cyrus’ main goal. He wants him and his brand to leave an impression on women all around the world. He also hopes to inspire designers now and in the many years to come.

For more information, and to check out Cyrus’ collection please visit cyrusnazari.com