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December 2021 Monthly Horoscope by Astro Friend Chirag


Ganesha says, this month you will be able to make the right judgments and very well thought choices regarding choosing your career path and educational fronts. You will be able to seek compensation if you were unattended and unpaid earlier. You will spend a lot of time with your family in the first half of the month. The third week of this month will be filled with social obligations and festivities. You will feel a little burdened financially but you will be helped by your peers. Your love fronts look stable and great this month. You must also lookout for a chance to make a marriage proposal in the third week looking at the favorable transition of Venus. Your health will need attention in the third and fourth weeks of the month.


Dear Taurus, you will be able to keep your views straightforward this month. Your monetary issues will be resolved with ease. There aren’t as numerous opportunities for you this month as there was the previous month, but don’t lose faith as you will find your way towards better things soon enough. This month may be challenging for you, but it will teach you several vital things. This month, you have a chance to meet your life partner, and sharing your opinions with them will be useful. Married couples should visit the temple once a week this entire month to protect themselves from the negative effects of Shani. Affection will provide peace to your mind. This month, your wellness will not be an issue for you.


According to the cosmos, this month will be a bit uncomfortable and hectic but you will hold your strength and get over everything easily. Financial condition will improve as you are likely to make good money through equity and shares you purchased earlier. You may be having issues with your family members and acquaintances, which may cause you distress. Just try to make everybody happy, as this will help you get over this problem. There’s just one way to get around tough circumstances, and that’s to be pleasant this month to prevent any potential problems. losing your calm will have an impact on your partner, so think twice before responding and speak with spontaneous gestures. This month is not good for planning a trip since it might be harmful to your wellbeing, but everything else should go smoothly.


Your professional fronts will be all settled and all well this month. The third week of this month will get you some unanticipated income as suggested by the eighth house of your zodiac. People getting married this week will open the doors of fortune in each other’s life. People looking out for new jobs will find good options to pursue in the second week of the month. You’ll have a turbulent month in a new romance, but married partners can begin preparing for a pregnancy this month. There’s a potential your partner could expose their true self, leaving you embarrassed and anxious. Your physical and mental well-being will be superb. If you’ve had a sudden sickness, you’ll gradually recover over the course of this month.


It’s proving to be a terrific month. Make new friends and don’t let your existing ones fall apart. Keep your mind cool and realize that this month you have a plethora of options in terms of your career and educational fronts. You will be able to ensure wins if you participate in competitions, so make use of them. Shouldn’t get too riled up over it because you have a wealth of love from your friends and family. Anxiety will lead to chaos, wreaking havoc on your connection in the matters of love in the second week but you will be able to settle down issues with your partner. Besides in the last week, you must stay away from individuals you despise in order to prevent taking up any negative emotions. Your health will be totally fine and nothing serious will bother you.


On the commercial front, this month will be regular, with some unexpected wins. It will be wonderful to start a new business month. Your job will also be superb. Just be cautious when you are dealing with a huge amount of money because there’s a chance, you’ll collide with wringing people in the third week of the month. Apart from it though, this month is going to be simple and delightful. Maintain an optimistic outlook. Putting up the attempt to make romantic friendships will pay off. This month is a great time to start thinking about having a kid. In your love life, your parents may play a crucial influence. If you don’t wish to harm someone’s emotions, don’t pursue. Apart from that, you’ll have to keep an eye on a few small details. A physical examination is required. A physician’s consultation can assist you in building trust in a wellbeing problem.


Your month will be regular for the most part except the last week as the fourth week will bring you unexpected happiness. You might make a hurried and furious conclusion, which will have much more negative consequences. Blink an eye before you do something. You may unwittingly harm someone close to you this month, so be careful what you remark. Your corporate appearances will be outstanding. Initially, you’ll be anxious, but towards the end of the month, you’ll be relaxed. You may have conflicts with your colleagues, but you’ll be able to work them out later.  Getting worked up will just make things better. This month will have a big impact on your romantic life. This month is both special and pivotal. This month will boost your connection by bringing you and your partner nearer altogether. Maintain composure and a wide grin. You’re going to have a great time in the matters of your new relationship.


For you, this month will be full of enthusiasm and cheerful ideas. There’s a chance you’ll earn revenue that is both unexpected and unexpected. You’ll have a lot of fun this month. Sagittarius and Aries are two astrological signs to be aware of, since they may seek to sway you and bring you sorrow. This month, stay back from dark tones as they may have a negative impact. Apart from that, either the first or middle weeks will be excellent, and they will be excellent days for launching a new enterprise. Maintain an optimistic outlook and discard any negative ideas. On the personal front, this month will be excellent.


In your business journey, you will be successful this month dear Sagittarius.  Your colleagues will be jealous of you, and they may hook you up for an ambush, which could end badly. You will disappoint the person among whom you have the greatest confidence. It is not a good idea to start a small company this month since it may not produce the expected results. You should be concerned about your cardiovascular health. As a consequence of your rigorous hard work, there’s a possibility you’ll have to cope with some unresolved difficulties this month, such as migraines, dizziness, and so forth. Your love life will face minor issues in the latter half of the month. Financial fronts will not bother at all and this will bring you peaceful sleep throughout the month.


This month will be both tough and adventurous. This month, you’ll make all of your decisions with utmost care and explicit research on business fronts, which implies neither lesser nor too many problems. This month, you’ll make all of your decisions with precision, which implies neither lesser nor too much They are going to achieve a specified goal. In either the middle of next month or at the end of the month, you will be free to move on from the issues that have been bothering you for a lengthy moment. Move on, think about the past, and focus on the present since it is the only solution to circumvent any challenges. On the amorous front, this will be unique. You and your partner might try tying a knot. Your spouse may surprise you with something very unique this month, which you will cherish.


It’s going to be a tremendous month filled with vivid lessons. Either the first or third weeks will be a complete disaster, but you will learn from them and be more prepared for the upcoming prospects.  Although this month may be difficult, your zeal for your goal will attract people to you. You have been blessed by Goddess Lakshmi and you will make a lot of money this month. The decisions you make this month will have no obvious ramifications. Because the implications of your decisions will last a long time, consider your options carefully before reaching a choice. This month, the business will be advantageous and provide satisfactory outcomes. Your love life will bring happiness but only after the third week passes away. Do not stress over your health at all.


Your month will be interesting if you put out the energy in the universe dear Pisces. Situations at the financial fronts will improve significantly. As already said, this month will provide you with more opportunities to express yourself, so make use of them. This month, your body might be vulnerable to any active infection, so be alert and take precautions. This month, you may forget older friends, but you will have the effort to settle problems, so make sure you win them back with words.  This month, you should be prepared to start an enterprise involving electrical equipment or education. Your health is generating a lot of anxiety this month.

About Author:

Astro Friend Chirag is well-known celebrity astrologer in India and is a blessed son of Shri Bejan Daruwalla. He has 12+ years of experience in giving astrological advice related to business, relationships, health, career, and finance. His official website is bejandaruwalla.com