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Dating For Moms: 5 Best Ways to Meet New People

Dating in today’s world is very complicated and time-consuming, especially for single moms who have a lot to juggle. Besides, the pressure to date is always so high making the process even harder, especially after numerous failed relationships.

However, the need and urge to connect with another person is something that is special and healthy, as long as it is working out.

The best relationships should bring out the best in you and make you a better person and mom, even as you learn from others. Positive energy is highly required, given life’s pressures of being a mom.

Consequently, the digital age has also made it even harder to trust strangers, especially when it comes to online dating. Even so, you still need to get yourself out there but in the right way via safe channels. Otherwise, you will end up being a victim of so many things, you have never thought possible.

Therefore, if you are a mom looking to date, here are the top five best ways to meet new people:

1. Phone Chat Lines

Various phone chat lines can get you sorted with life partners, casual flings, and even friends. You just have to be ready and open to new things before you dial the number of your favorite chat line.

Chat lines usually work like speed dating. You interact with different people and only connect with them if mutual attractions exist. If things go well, you can always meet in person.

If you are a busy mom still new at dating, you can scan this website chatlines.com, for an idea on how phone chat lines work. You can test the waters by making use of their free trials for moms. This way you get to utilize every aspect of it before settling and being a regular.

2.  Dating Websites

Online dating websites can make it easier to find someone that shares the same views as you and understands where you are coming from, as a single mom. You just have to know who you are and what you want, especially when it comes to dating.

You can also narrow your choices, to specialist dating websites. This way you stand a chance to meet a like-minded person.

If you are, just re-entering the dating scene you can try some top reputable websites and always look out for scammers. Be ready for whatever, as people tend to lie on their online profile and even in person.

If it all works out, meet up and see what next. As much as it sounds simple, it requires effort so do not give up easily.

3.  Social Networking

Social networks like Facebook are big when it comes to meeting new people or reconnecting with old friends. You can take things further with someone you just met at a party, on a holiday trip or at work.

Social networks can help you know the person a little better. If you happen to have mutual friends online, the better for your interactions and background check.

You just have to be careful, and tread carefully as social networks especially Facebook has many people living lies.

4.  Blind Dates

You can have a friend set you up with someone they know, probably an upstanding and decent person or get professional help from agencies. However, with agencies, you can only describe what you are looking for and they will randomly set you up.

The problem is that you are not given any information about whom you will be meeting, which can end up being a good or bad surprise, depending on how it goes. Just learn to read character during blind dates, as some people use such dates to re-invent themselves.

5.  Hobbies

Hobbies are also a definite way to meet people with common interests. Therefore, instead of spending your weekends in bars looking for potential dates, you can pick up a hobby. Something you are interested in, not what you think will get you more dates.

Moreover, since you have common interests, it will not be hard to connect with each other. You can have, as many hobbies as you want, just do not drop out of any because you cannot find a date. Hobbies also make you interesting in other places like your neighborhood and even workplace.


Conclusively, there are many ways to meet new people, even if you are a mom. You just need to be ready for the dating environment and do not give up due to a few disappointments or bad dates.

You can pick any of the above ways, or all of them if you can juggle but also try to improvise occasionally like during dog walks, holidays and teacher-parent conferences.