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How to Cure Sore Feet From Running

Sore feet from running is a common problem for all runners. Even if you wear the most comfortable and supportive shoes you can experience feet aching after a run. The longer the run, the sorer your feet will be but if you’re a beginner, every move can cause soreness. Running can also cause swelling of your feet, but there are some ways you can relieve these symptoms. Here are the ways you can cure your sore feet from running:


1. Rest 

Rest is the best remedy for your sore feet. The rest will allow your feet to recover from that intense run. Spend as much time in a laying position, don’t stand or walk, to calm the soreness in your feet.

2. Ice

Runners love to use ice to numb their soreness. Remove your shoes and socks after a run. Put an ice pack or a bag of frozen peas on the sore area. The cold will relieve the soreness in your feet caused by the run, and will also prevent swelling. Keep the ice pack on your sore feet for at least 10 minutes.

3.Self-massage with a tennis ball

This is great for those who don’t have the luxury to get free foot massages. Grab a tennis ball and put the ball under the arch of your foot. Roll the ball along your arch. This will definitely help you relieve your sore feet and will make you feel great.

4. Stretch after your run

To ease soreness and prevent any injury, don’t forget to always stretch after a run. Stretching will target the muscles in your sore feet and will help you relieve your soreness and can prevent your feet from swelling.

5. Foot bath

Foot bath is one of the best remedies for relaxing your sore feet. Soak your feet in warm water for 10 minutes. Add some epsom salts in the water, it will help you relax any tension in your feet. If you have swollen feet, use cool water instead of warm. After you’re done with your foot bath, keep your feet elevated for half an hour.

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