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CSN Diet: A Success Story

Getting back that easy figure is something you have yearned for long though it doesn’t seem to come. You want to fit in your favorite jeans and carry out your duties with ease. You may have tried jogging and doing away with yummy snacks but you cannot seem to shed a single pound. Before you believe all is lost we got the solution for you. With just a little adjustment to your diet, CSN will help you shed the extra weight until you achieve what you are comfortable with.

So what is CSN?

CSN is a sixty- day weight loss program divided into six phases. Phase one comprises a 10-day intense detox program aimed at weight loss. By the tenth day, you will note a huge drop in weight and you will be ready for phase two.

In phase two you will be placed on a balanced eating program aimed at further reduction of weight and a healthy living. The balanced diet in phase two is mainly protein balanced meals consisting of eggs for breakfast, meat, and vegetables for lunch and dinner. This set of meals ensures you do not go hungry during the sixty days.

What to expect from CSN

When you join the CSN diet program, you are immediately issued with the eating plan. The eating plan comes with a list of fruits, juices, seeds, vegetables, and proteins that you are allowed to eat during the program.

The list is 100% natural foods. If you follow the lifestyle, you can be sure to avoid or reverse lifestyle diseases that are a result of being overweight or obese. There will be no more counting of calories and you can finally experience a boost of confidence with your new body size. Being fully aware of the difficulty in always having fresh vegetables for meals, recommends with a dehydrating process that preserves the veggies and maintains the nutrients. The dehydrated vegetables are called CSN soup mix or tablets. The soup mix is made up of onions, tomatoes, carrots, green beans, bell pepper, and celery.

What is the Safety of CSN products?

The dehydrating process is done within 24 hours of harvest to ensure optimal nutrients are retained in the vegetables. The mixed soup is supplemented with other natural products whose active ingredients are tested and approved by the University of Free States Laboratories. These products are then manufactured and distributed by the Christo Strydom Pharmaceutical and Natural medicine laboratories.

Weight loss and leading a healthy life has to come from the heart. Many people often find it challenging and the many fads are not helpful. When you finally decide to make your life healthier, you can place an order to kick-start the program. To make the program even more successful, you will have a 30 minutes conversation with one of our specialists. The conversation ensures you clearly understand all the instruction and guidelines of the program.

The Starting Point

The order guide provided below forms the start of the journey to a healthier life for you or your loved one. Your order basket will have:

  • The soup mix and tablets
  • Aloemag
  • Barley
  • Grass products

The grass products come in form of green powder capsules containing a combination of the wakama grass, seaweed, and barley. This product is packed with vitamins and enzymes to improve digestion. For a month, you just need one green powder capsule. The aloemag has an iron brew and citric acids which are essential in the detox phase. You will need to take one aloemag per month. For the soup mix, you will take 5 tablets six times a day with 250ml of water.

Everyone has different weight loss goals. The CSN program offers you different packages to choose from depending on your body and the weight you intend to lose. You will be guided by the experts on the package to choose from and you will be good to start the journey with us.

Healthy weight loss should be sustainable even long after the goal weight has been achieved. You will need to maintain your goal weight so that you can lead a healthy life and keep all those lifestyle diseases at bay. The CSN program provides sustainability as it is a lifestyle that you can adopt even in the long run. You do not need to worry about starving yourself in order to achieve that svelte body or fit into your favorite jeans. The program ensures that you do not go hungry by using only healthy meals to help you lose weight and still get those essential nutrients.