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Compression Socks for Pregnancy:  Are They Safe?

Pregnancy is an experience all its own, and many parts of it are exciting and memorable.  There are, however, some parts that are just downright uncomfortable.  Take, for instance, lower leg, ankle, and foot pain and swelling.  These pregnancy rites of passage aren’t enjoyable, but thankfully, there’s a way to get some relief and possibly eradicate these nasty symptoms altogether by wearing compression socks.  Compression socks for pregnancy provide extra support to your lower extremities that are put under some serious pressure while you’re waiting for your baby.  The best news is, they are completely safe to wear your entire pregnancy, as there are many available options that are not considered medical-grade products.  Here are some great examples of how compression socks for pregnancy can give your tired feet and legs some much-needed relief.

  • Compression socks for pregnancy prevent swelling. Pregnancy takes a toll on your circulatory system.  In order to make room for the baby, blood vessels and veins get pushed aside, moved around, and are under pressure from your abdomen; especially the veins and blood vessels in your legs.  As such, your legs, ankles, and feet can retain fluid and become swollen and painful.  These symptoms can last your entire pregnancy and can force you to spend half your time with your feet elevated simply to relieve the pressure and discomfort.  Wearing compression socks for pregnancy provides support for your legs and feet and gives those hard-working veins and blood vessels a boost in getting the blood pumped back up to your heart.  Many women who started off with swollen feet and ankles have said they were able to reverse the swelling simply by wearing compression socks during the remainder of their pregnancies.  The wearing of compression socks can also assist in preventing the development of varicose veins, a less common pregnancy risk.  By supporting the legs and assisting with circulation, veins are at less risk of swelling.
  • Compression socks for pregnancy increase energy. Most pregnant woman can attest, your legs feel tired when carrying your baby.  It’s no surprise that carrying a baby causes your legs to fatigue with even the smallest amount of activity.  What used to seem so simple; a walk to the mailbox, for instance, suddenly seems laborious with legs that feel as though they are walking through cement.  Wearing compression socks for pregnancy can rejuvenate tired legs and keep them energized for your entire day.  The added support given by compression socks takes some of the burden from tired leg muscles allowing you to function at full capacity for longer periods of time.  At the end of the day, your legs feel just as good as they did in the morning.
  • Compression socks for pregnancy provide comfort. Pregnancy isn’t always the most comfortable time in a woman’s life.  Your body changes dramatically to make room for the baby you’re growing.  As such, you may be looking for ways to make yourself as comfortable as possible for the next few months.  One way to provide superior comfort is to wear compression socks for pregnancy.  A great feeling pair of compression socks will alleviate leg cramps and tired, swollen feet and ankles will get five start treatment.  It can be impossible to feel comfortable in any shoes during your pregnancy, but you can rest assured your legs and feet will thank you for wearing compression socks.

Compression socks for pregnancy are wonderful ways to keep your legs, feet, and ankles happy during pregnancy.  Many compression socks are not considered a medical grade product and are therefore safe to wear the entirety of your pregnancy.  Wearing compression socks while pregnant can prevent swelling, energize your legs, and keep you comfortable the entire time you are carrying your baby.