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Clubbing and Business: 5 Ways on How You Can Earn Money Through Night-outs

The weekend is the only time of the week where people get a chance to unwind and even hang out with their friends as they catch up. While others opt to stay indoors probably watching movies or chatting with their kids, other people choose to hit the club and have a few drinks as they dance to the music away. One thing to know is that you can create a side hustle from your clubbing hobbies that may earn you money as you have fun too.

This is something that has been done by several people and others created jobs with inspiration from their clubbing habits.

Here are five ways that you can earn money through your night outs.

1. Become a trip advisor.

Have you attended some of the newly built clubs that most people are not aware of? Well, you can work for the club and market the business to the world. Create a website or even a social media page where you will be updating your followers on the most relaxed and newest joints in town to visit over the weekend. You can also share some details regarding the artists who may be performing, the DJ available and the special drinks that will be presented too.

People are always looking for places that they can explore and experience new things. So organizing such gigs with the owners of the bar can earn you some bucks. Besides, you are marketing the business to people that you are sure would attend such as your friend and relatives.

2. Alcohol brand ambassador.

This job requires you to dress up in gears labeled with the alcohol that you are marketing. Make sure you have full information about the brands, the package sizes that the alcohol comes in. If possible, create some events or competitions where people compete, and the winners get a free bottle of the liquor or a T-shirt. Make sure to stand at a place where everyone can see you and mingle with other people in the club as you tell them about the new alcohol in town.

Such a gig gives you the privilege of having fun since you are open to mingle with the club attendances, take pictures and we cannot forget about the free drinks you get including your night pay. For more information regarding the brand of alcohol you are marketing in the clubs, make sure to research thoroughly about the company such that you will have conclusive information to share with the customers.

3. Sell bites.

Most people do not get enough time to eat well when heading to the clubs. Others tend to feel hungry after taking one or too many bottles. So, if you know a bar that does not sell bites or foods, this could be a great business opportunity for you. Organize with the bars around your city and request for permission to be selling food in their bar at night. Then ensure you have varieties that will suit most of the people in the club. Foods such as pizza and burgers and fries would be good for people in the clubs.

4. Sign up to phone apps to earn money.

There are different phones apps that one can sign up and earn good money by carrying out various activities on the phone. Some of the activities involve watching videos, sharing pictures of your location and so on. You get paid through PayPal, and the payments are given in point forms which you can redeem for money. Besides this is something you can do while you continue to chat with your buddies as you have a good time.

5. Work as a DJ.

If you have the love for the music then becoming a DJ can help you earn some bucks on the weekends. When it comes to Djing, all you need to do is play great music that suits the crowds and finds a good club that allows you to play that kind of music. This is something you can do over the weekend and get paid good money.

If you love attending clubs on the weekends to have fun, you can still have a good time and earn some money too. There are job opportunities in the clubs that can help you make an extra coin without compromising your fun time.