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Choosing the Best Home Workout Equipment for Women

For working mothers, busy students, and stay-at-home mums, your tight schedule may not let you have the time to work out in the gym. Luckily, there are a lot of home workout equipment 2016 designed for women, regardless of their sizes, ages, and fitness levels. Women almost never need a gender-based fitness tool to exercise. However, there may be some suitable machines made for women of different torso and leg length and height. So, what are the equipment women must consider purchasing for their home gym?

Factors to Consider Before Assembling Your Home Gym
1. Budget


The budget you have in mind is a primary concern when selecting the workout equipment for your home gym. Make sure you purchase tools that may stick with your budget plan, yet easy to use and with the highest quality if possible. If you would select a more expensive machine, make sure that it will fit your lifestyle.

For the ladies who are on tight budget, they may purchase a pull-up bar that they can quickly set up on the doorway at home. Another fitness gear to consider that will work on the different muscles of your body is a jump rope. Not only that it is very affordable, but it will also keep your blood pumping all throughout your movements. Lastly, you may also try to consider buying an ab wheeler. Not only that it is quite cheap, but it is also a great tool for your core routines.

2. Usage

Another thing to consider is the number of times you are planning to use the equipment. If you are going to work on the tool every single day, then it may be a wise choice to go more expensive and with premium quality materials.

3. Fitness Goals


The next thing to consider is your fitness goals. They may differ from one woman to another. Thus, this is a complex issue. You need to consider whether you need to enhance your strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, and any other aspect before you purchase your home gym equipment.

For women who want to execute aerobic workouts, they may consider buying an Elliptical machine, Stationary bikes, or a treadmill. For those who want to develop their endurance and strength through strength training, you may take into account purchasing free weights like dumbbells and barbells.

You may also look for a high-quality weight bench. You may also try resistance bands as alternatives to free weights. For women who wants to develop their flexibility, you may start off by purchasing an exercise mat. It will allow you to do your stretches even on a hard floor.

4. Multi-Purpose

You might also want to consider buying a workout equipment that will do more than one exercise and purpose. You may purchase a multi-functional machine that may work all of the muscles in your body while facilitating weight loss.

5. Easy to Set Up

Another aspect to consider is the easiness of assembly. Make sure that you can quickly and conveniently set up all of the components of your equipment. If you are not familiar with any home gym equipment, make sure that you will go for the least complicated home workout equipment.

6. Size of the Space


Before you purchase the exercise tools you’ll need for your home gym, try to measure the space available, especially for larger machines. If the area is tight and limited, try to buy tools that you may fold for storage. However, you must also take note that as you unfold the device, it may hinder the compliance of the exercise. Cumbersome machines may be very hard to disassemble and to move from one area to another. For beginners, this may become a huge issue. You may also consider how you are going to assemble the equipment. Some tools may be accessible for taller women; others are more convenient for women with shorter legs.

Features of the Equipment

For aerobic machines, it should contain a timer. It should also have a calorie counter and a heart rate monitor. However, they often read inaccurately. For strength training tools, they should be easy and convenient to adjust. If you cannot lift heavier weight loads, then do not go for a machine that will have the option to lift more than you could. For sport-based equipment, it should provide you great support for movements in a full range of motion. You should extend, flex, and rotate with the use of the equipment.

Safety and Security


While women have different fitness goals, they should always consider the home exercise tools that will enhance their safety, provides security, and prevent injuries and any other harmful conditions. For women, who are prone to develop osteoporosis, they should execute weight-bearing workouts to avoid the occurrence of the medical condition. With that, women should consider buying leg exercise tools and equipment that will effectively strengthen your bones and muscles.

Exercise Myths to Consider

A lot of modern women of all ages will come to the realization that spot reduction is just a misconception. However, a  lot of home workout tools manufacturers have a clever way to target the insecurities of women. They often do their sales talk through promoting machines that will shed belly fats and will reduce big thighs. Also, they claim that their products can provide both toning, shaping, and aerobic properties. However, aerobic equipment may only provide lesser muscle-toning advantages for women. Thus, women should be aware of these misconceptions and stick to the machine that will promise faster results.


For women nowadays, fitness and health are no excuses for their busy lives. For a lot of women who hates commuting and spending time at the gym, you may now start creating and assembling your home gym. But, what do you need to set up your home gym? What you will need is to have the right home workout equipment that will keep you motivated and will help you achieve your fitness goals. What you also need to do is to follow the guidelines provided above to help you choose the workout gear you will need for your home gym. Even if you do not have an extra space or even an additional cash to work with, there is a home gym tool that’s right for every woman.

Author Bio

From the age of 16, Jake Tyler has been a kick-boxer, and has built up an incredible passion for fitness & self-improvement. This experience has led him to a career in personal training and health & fitness. He also likes to write about fitness at Strongdaily.net.