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How to Choose Tools for First-Time Woodworkers

Many people don’t take woodworking projects, as they think they cannot afford to buy a number of power tools to get started their projects. But luckily you need not spend thousands of dollars on tools. I suggest the beginning woodworkers can start their project with a few most inexpensive woodworking tools. In the beginning, you need to learn the skills for handling these tools. You can make many of your dream projects by using these tools. So, I think it’s the best if you buy just a few tools and start using them. When you become comfortable with these tools, it is easier for you to decide what tools you should want next.

You can win over the world with a quality woodworking tool. It really enhances the efficiency of a woodworker. Craftsman finds it very tempting and alluring to buy good shiny tools. It is advisable to buy branded and advanced tools though they are a little pricy. Good power tools always help you in making better-finished product.

You can get a huge range of machine tools to make your woodwork easy and more enjoyable. All the Craftsman are not necessarily a carpenter by profession. They are the hobbyist who has an intense desire for their woodworking passion. However, due to lack of proper guidance, they are not able to find the correct way to fulfill their passion. Log on to the site<> and get the best guidance to make your dreams come true. Here we provide all the required tricks and tips needed for a First-Time Woodworker. We help the novices in the field by suggesting them to pick the most suitable Tools for their Woodwork need.


Circular saw

Among all the handheld power tools a circular saw is a more versatile one. It’s easier to make a straighter cleaner cut with it. Particularly at the time of cutting sheet goods such as medium-density fiberboard or plywood, you can use a clamp-on its straight-edge. A circular saw cut is now very faster using a jigsaw. As you get started, it is the one that will be the most useful experience. So a first handheld quality circular power saw tool should be purchased.

Power jointer and planer

A jointer straightens squares an edge or flattens a face. A jointer is used to make the face of a twisted, warped or bowed board flat. When the boards become flat, then the jointer is used to make the square and straighten edges. A planer is used to thicknesses wood and made a board that’s been jointed flat equal thickness. The Power jointer and thickness planer both are a huge time saver.


For the beginner, the jigsaw is a very effective tool. A jigsaw is used for circular patterns in stock and cut curved. For getting a good result, you should choose a jigsaw that has an easy blade changing system and feels good in your hand.

Power drill

The cordless power drill is more portable and uses rechargeable batteries. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more reliable, choose a corded drill instead as it is more powerful. Corded drill is more versatile and less expensive than the cordless drill. There are different options available, choose a corded power drill according to your need such as whether you want a keyed or keyless chuck, 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch chuck, hammer drill or straight drill.

Combination square and tape measure

For making project, beginners need combination square, measuring tape, crayons, pencils, a knife, a hammer and some screwdrivers.

Rasps, files, a block plane and a smoothing plane

These are used for smoothing all surfaces of the final work. The block plane is essential for giving finishing ends touches, smoothing final grain and leveling joints. To give the finishing touch to your project, a good even plane is a required.

Table saw

Table saw is a major tool, which you should definitely purchase for multiple woodworks. The table saw is an essential tool that used in every woodworking shop. This is the main tool around which all of the other tools are used. It is consisting of a circular saw blade and joint with an arbor. It is worked by an electric motor. The depth of the cut is diverse by moving the blade up and down. By looking at the features that you want, choose the table saw that best fits your budget and your needs.


A quality router is very useful for every beginning woodworkers. Today, many advanced routers come with two different model. One is with a stationary base and the other is a plunge router base model. Router with a stationary base is always good for a novice in the field. It is safe and more easy to operate. Purchase a wood cutting router to perform all your efficient and complex woodcutting requirement needed for a better woodwork.

Author Bio:

Victor is a founder of Victorcrafter.com. He believes that money can be saved more if people will consider understanding different DIY procedures. To lessen wood stashes, he focuses in building furniture and other wooden things which can also help people earn a living.