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Brilliant Earth Review: Best Place to Buy Diamond Rings?

Marilyn Monroe said it right – diamonds definitely are a girl’s best friend. Although many would agree with her, there are only a few diamonds that do justice with that. Brilliant Earth is one of those unique online stores that understands the emotional value of diamond rings and creates eccentric styles and designs suited to meet the customers’ needs.

Not just that, Brilliant Earth has a remarkable collection of diamond rings based on your budget, style, preference and utility, making your online shopping experience easier than ever. If you are planning to buy a ring for your fiancé but know little about diamonds in general, then Brilliant Earth is the right website to begin with.

Today we will be discussing a couple of factors to help you understand what sets Brilliant Earth apart from the rest. Their unique approach towards customers and care for societal and environmental values are some of the most notable characteristics. If you’re wondering how they are related to buying diamonds, read on find out.

Snapshot of the journey

It all started in 2005, when a team came into the jewelry industry with a vision. The vision was quite simple. It was created with a view to cultivate a more ethical, transparent and sustainable jewelry industry. Ever since then Brilliant Earth is a great example of a company that is vertically integrated when it comes to creating diamond rings. The value chain starts with the collection of diamonds from the finest mines. Next in line is an extensive research on cuts, designs and shapes and then the exclusive designs are turned into a final piece for the customers. Something that sets them apart from other jewelers is their jewelry education and the high quality of standards practiced while sourcing the diamonds.

What’s in store for you?

If you browse through the website of Brilliant Earth, you would clearly understand how well the website is designed, customized to your needs. When it comes to diamond rings, you will find almost every possible style, design and classification there. Even if you are not planning to buy diamonds now, this is the best place to start your research.

Shape focused rings

When you are looking for diamond rings or bands, choosing the right shape is one of the most important criterions. Finger shape and wrist size usually impact this decision. In the website luckily you will find all types of diamond cuts and shapes possible ranging from round, princess, and oval to marquise, heart, pear and many more. The best part? You can search your desired rings in terms of shape and visually see how the shape looks. Adding to that, you can also find an overview of price, carat, color, clarity and shape.

Scope for personalization

Usually when you go for buying diamond rings, what sellers usually mean by their customize option is that they make the ring holder shorter or wider based on your finger size. But in Brilliant Earth customization is much more than that. It takes customization to a personal level and starts creating a ring solely made for you and your style. You have the liberty to specify your diamond style, cut, type, color or overall setting.

Budget-wise options

Diamonds are an expensive stone and we understand that. However, Brilliant Earth makes something for everyone. You have a tight budget, the search options are catered to that need also. If you want something within a specific price range, let’s say under $250 you can search results will come according to that. Brilliant Earth also provides complimentary sets and bundle offers so that you can get your desired jewelry within your allocated budget.

Occasion specific rings

Brilliant Earth also provides rings based on special occasions. You will find a huge collection of rings in the engagement and wedding section. During engagement or proposal, you know you would be extremely nervous and looking for the right ring sometimes becomes quite difficult in such situations. Brilliant Earth makes that easy for you through categorizing the engagement rings in the most convenient way. The same applies to wedding rings. Wedding preparation takes a lot of effort and Brilliant Earth website is designed in such a way that it would only take a few minutes to skim through the entire wedding collection at a glance.

Exclusive rings for men

When it comes to men’s wedding rings, it’s difficult to find a unique collection. You will usually find some generic cuts or designs for men’s rings. However, Brilliant Earth has something for men too. Not just that, but also value sets for both rings for you and your partner.

Versatility in diamond type

You will find vintage, colored, lab colored, lab diamonds and every detail on the diamond type here. Brilliant Earth believes in transparency and that is exactly what they provide you.

Why do we love Brilliant Earth?

To hear more from the customers, you can read the Brilliant Earth Reviews.  Here’s why we feel it’s different from the rest.

Personal Attention

It provides you personal attention based on your budget, customization needs, search options, preferences and so much more. You will find solution to almost every problem from here when it comes to buying diamond rings.

Exquisite collection

If you talk about variety and diversity, this is the place to get diamond rings from. The collection range covers almost everything starting from pricing needs, diamonds cuts and shapes, carat count, literally everything!

Beyond just Corporate Social Responsibility

The ethical practices that they follow are something remarkable for any company. They invest in jewelry education, labor facilities and donate 5% of their profits to the community that is adversely affected by diamond industry. They are also currently working in reforming harmful industry practices, environmental issues and human rights issue in the jewelry industry.

Final Remark

Above all, what we love best about Brilliant Earth is the fact that it makes the decision-making process quite easy. Someone who is not well acquainted with diamond knowledge at all will find it extremely convenient to buy diamond rings from here. Don’t believe us? Just check it out for yourself! Happy shopping!