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Your Breast Your Health

All women and mothers need to know that early detection of breast cancer with mammography can save lives. This diagnostic measure can detect the smallest changes in breast cancer, even in the earliest stage. Modern medicine and treatment is very useful for timely disclosure of the disease and its treatment.

Here are some tips to find out if you are at risk for breast cancer.


Find out whether your close family has had a case of breast cancer, and if someone has already had  you should  make mammography once a year, as well as clinical and ultrasound screening, twice a year.

You should tell your doctor if anyone in your close family has had breast or ovarian cancer.

During your breast exam, your doctor or a nurse will look and feel your breasts, your armpits and around your collarbone.

If you are under 40, get a breast exam from your doctor every 1 to 3 years. With consultation, your doctor will help you figure out how often you need an exam.

If you are 40 or older, get a breast exam and mammogram, an x-ray of the breast once a year.

Make healthy choices to reduce your breast cancer risk. Maintain a healthy weight and exercise on a regular basis. It is very important to quit smoking and limit the alcohol.

And finally, here are some extra tips for preventing the risk for breast cancer.


Eat peanuts and hazelnuts or a sufficient amount (1 ounce) of peanut butter at least once a week, while the chances of affected by breast cancer is 40% lower for those women who have more than 30 years.

If you are allergic to peanuts you can eat nuts. Other than these foods, beneficial effect on the health of the breast have shown the beans, lentils or soy.