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Betsy Had The Best Surprise Ever on Mother’s Day

You know how the relationship between a mother and her sons is priceless. It starts when they aren’t even born and just goes through the entire life. There’s nothing a mother can’t do for her sons. You know how you are about your kids.

If there is one thing that always makes you smile is when your son smiles at you. It seems that you’re seeing a reflection. You just can’t help it. But in Mother’s Day, these kids made their mother the happiest person in the world.

Betsy has two sons and she has always strived for them to play sports. But they don’t like it. They prefer doing other things. So, they managed to have the best idea ever to surprise their mother on Mother’s Day. They talked to their father to help them through because they needed his help. The two brothers decided to sign up for a baseball team and they trained hard during months. They had a lot of practices after school and their father helped them so that Betsy didn’t notice what they were doing. Mytimeatbat.com provides comprehensive training for kids on how to perform better at baseball.

Finally, the Mother’s Day arrived and it was a game day. The boys couldn’t be more nervous and proud at the same time. After all, they had done everything and Betsy didn’t suspect anything. The two brothers made an excuse for their mother during the game time and the father went along with them. He also convinced Betsy to go see the baseball game without telling her that the boys were part of one of the teams. Many baseball clubs help kids to actively participate in this game.

When the time arrived, they went to the baseball game and Betsy had the surprise of her life. She was listening to the team players names and she heard her two sons names. She couldn’t believe it. And when she looked at her husband, she knew they have had help. So, they sat there, cheering up the kids and their team. But Betsy was yet to be surprised once again.

The baseball game was almost always a tie. When a team scored the other one scored back. This went on during the entire game until, in the last couple of minutes, the two boys team managed to win the game. Wow… Betsy was so proud! She just couldn’t take off her smile. The tears reached her eyes. All the things that the boys did, showed all the love they have for her. And this was their way to show it. You can be sure that Betsy will never forget this day. It will be in her mind, heart, and soul. The day when her two boys decided to do her a surprise, to join a baseball team when they didn’t even like sports, to actually win the game (with the help of the rest of the team). And all this to see a smile on her face. That same smile that she has every time she looks at them.