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Best Yoga and Wellness Retreats for Solo Women Travelers

With the fear and stigma of traveling alone considered a thing of the past, more and more women are opting to take a holiday by themselves. This, in a way, has empowered them further to explore the world on their own terms, without having to compromise on the demands of a travel companion.

Wellness markets as a result, have grabbed this opportunity with both hands, by offering these solo female globetrotters exclusive retreats where they can help reconnect with their inner self in company of like minded individuals, within a safe and comfortable environment.

Since many of these new treatment centers offer exciting packages, it becomes a bit tricky to zero down on the right one. The top well-being and yoga getaways highlighted here, will help you in choosing one that will heal your mind and soul for achieving the ultimate rejuvinating travel experience.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

The open mindfulness of the people of Aruba and their support for women, makes this destination an utterly safe haven for solo women seeking to hit their wellness goals. The state of the art fitness centre located in the #1 Caribbean Bucuti &Tara beachfront resort (no kids please), enjoys a prime location on the iconic Eagle Beach, and offers a  high class personal service in a tranquil and low-key romantic atmosphere.

Fitness activities feature beach walks, pilates, yoga classes, meditation and support of dedicated fitness specialists. You can book this mesmerizing wellness experience on reputed sites like Vacayou.

Northern Edge Nature & Mindfulness Retreat

Northern Edge Algonquin has on offer a variety of signature retreats, scheduled on set dates, which are available for the benefit of women travelers. Designed as the best environmental friendly destination in the whole of Canada, Northern Edge runs totally on solar power and has a wood-fired sauna for apres-adventure.

Guests have the option to sleep solo or share accommodation in comfortable forested eco-cabins. Northern Edge is a sanctuary for solo women, wanting to get in touch with nature and recharge on a yoga retreat or go on a naturalist guided hike, depending on the mood.

Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa

The Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa is another beach facing property with a vibrant social scene and flair one would normally associate with a Caribbean based island escape. Enjoying a prime location on Rodney Bay, this colonial styled resort has direct access to Reduit Beach.

The Bay experience is a huge favourite of solo travelers, especially women, in search of pure relaxation, as the crime rate in St Lucia is extremely low, and the facilities at luxurious La Mer Spa and Salon are unmatched. Skilled specialists, offer a range of pampering treatments, each one a treat for the senses.

Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat

After a strenuous day spent visiting the legendary temples of Angkor Wat, a blissful retreat on the fringes of Siem Reap by the name of Navutu Dreams Resort & Wellness Retreat awaits travelers to experience its sheer luxury in a lush and green surrounding.

Since Siem Reap is considered to be an exceptionally secure and easy destination for the independent female, Navutu Dreams offers the perfect environment for those looking for an enriching mind and body experience by way of a healing yoga session under the guidance of their  experienced ‘Flow and Yin’ instructors. Just one session, they say, is enough to impart an improved feeling of physical and mental well-being.

Eupepsia Wellness Center

This award winning wellness center, set amidst 262 acres of woodland, lies nestled in the heart of Virginia, bordering the Jefferson National Forest. With the assistance of a team of specialists, Eupepsia, relying on the science and the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda, offers its guests advanced health and yoga therapies to attain optimum benefit. When it comes to wellness travel, co- founder Shivani Schneider agrees that there is a big demand in solo women travelers for programs which are solution-based. Their healthy detox program, for example, is designed for each individual as per their body type and stresses essentially on emotional and physical detox.

Vilnius Grand Resort

Occupying an incomparable location amidst pine trees and birch forest, the sprawling 900 acre Vilnius Grand Resort, is the ideal escape for leisure and recreation and to discover the stunning beauty of Lithuania.

The rooms are bright and spacious which reflect the warm atmosphere and ambiance of the place. The V Spa and Wellness center offers its guests a unique cedar sauna, which is a personal space for gaining nourishment through its antibacterial properties. Lithuania has enjoyed a great spa tradition for centuries, and Vilnius Grand has carried it forward in a peaceful and natural surrounding.

Spa Richmond Nua

Located on the scenic shores of Lake Sapanca, Spa Richmond Nua, happens to be the first and only destination and best equipped spa in not only in Turkey but the whole of Europe as well. All the rooms are located in the front of the hotel and provide wonderful views of Lake Sapanca.

The unique SPA (health through water) concept is a combination of wellness treatments from all parts of the world, which utilizes the healing properties of water to restore the overall health of a person. This ‘adults only’ retreat, is ideal for solo women wellness travelers, seeking inner peace in a stunning natural setting. Solo female travel even in a conservative Muslim country like Turkey, provides for a great adventure without an element of uncertainty.

SkyTerra Wellness Retreat

When it comes to personal well-being, it is essential to keep control in order to reset the body clock. This is the reason that the policy of wellness is a continuous process at this intimate mountain retreat, which focuses on breaking unhealthy cycles, and starting new habits.

A fitness vacation at SkyTerra, located in the stunning Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, has a specialized program for solo women, especially younger ones, which empowers them to embrace adulthood with healthy minds.

At SkyTerra solo women will be made to feel at ease as soon as they arrive. With over 70% of guests being solo travelers, you will be adjusted with like-minded people from all backgrounds and of all ages. A solo wellness retreat like SkyTerra, gives the ideal opportunity to nourish your comfort levels without any distractions.

Many single women travelers worry about going to a spa alone, lest they may seem out of place among snug couples. Nothing could be further from the truth! As more and more solo women take to the road, they get an unmatched opportunity to unwind and detox by opting for a wellness break at a yoga and wellness retreat. Their common aim is simply taking control of one’s health in a private and personal setting. The joy of a solo spa holiday, provides a new found freedom, to do things your own way. Just pack your sexy yoga pants and jet set on your wellness journey.