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Best Walking Trails in The UK For Solo Female Travellers

When one thinks of London, the first images that surface in our mind are the pictures of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Tower. However, if you move away from the main city and its attractions, you will discover a new side of the country in every direction. As a solo female traveler, the country and its countryside are just perfect!

 Walking longer trails allows one to reconnect with nature and find a sense of calm within. Solo female travelers can enjoy hiking on some of the most fascinating walking trails in the UK, which are breathtakingly beautiful and perfectly safe and enjoyable for women traveling alone. 

Explore the vast coastlines, enter lush forests and meadows, walk across the rolling hills, and test your strength and endurance as a hiker. 

Tour companies like www.mickledore.co.uk can assist in planning your solo hike in the UK as a female traveler. You can also be assured of safety this way. 

It is time to venture away from the main cities and explore the countryside, where you will come across friendly locals and traditional English pubs and enjoy the essential part of the British experience. Let us look at some of the best walking trails in the UK that are perfect and safest for solo female travelers.

The South Downs Way- A 100-mile trail

The South Downs goes from Winchester to Eastbourne, from west to east, and takes you through the rolling hills with farmlands dotted with charming village houses, sheep, and farmland. Although the hike is challenging and long, the views are absolutely gorgeous. The South Downs is a big favorite among solo travelers because of the beautiful landscapes, and they can hike in sections, based on their fitness level and preferences.

 The Southwest Coast Path – A 600-mile trail

Starting at Minehead and finishing at Swanage, the Southwest Coast Path is indeed hard work. Thus, female hikers with lots of training and experience can try this hike, which will take a couple of days to finish. It is an incredible journey that boasts the most stunning coastal landscapes. Enjoy the views of the quaint villages, sandy beaches, and rugged cliffs along the trail.

Ridgeway National Trail – A 87-mile trail

What makes Ridgeway so special are the fascinating history, stunning views, and the wildlife. As you walk across Berkshire and Oxfordshire, you will discover that there is so much to see and enjoy in this remote and unpopulated part of southern England. Even if you are new to long-distance hiking, the Ridgeway is perfect as it is a flat trail. You will find that the trail’s western half is very different from the eastern half, and as a hiker, you can camp anywhere.

 West Highland Way – A 96-mile trail 

 If you want to experience the true wilderness of Scotland, then the West Highland Way is just perfect for you. Once you climb the Conic Hill, the skies will open for you, and you will be left amazed by the wild Scotland Highlands. You will pass by the moorlands, ancient forests, and, of course, Loch Lomond. Solo female travelers will love the trails as they get to meet warm and hospitable locals along the way and can stay in comfortable accommodations.

Pembrokeshire Coast Path – A 180-mile trail

 The Pembrokeshire Coast is indeed among the most beautiful areas of the UK, and the pristine beauty of the location is sure to leave you in awe. Some of the places to check out along the hike include Fishguard, Tenby, Fishguard, and Carmarthen. The trail reflects the rugged beauty of Wales’ with its stunning seascapes and picturesque villages. Get the opportunity to witness wildlife such as dolphins, seals, and different bird species on the well-maintained trail.

 Hadrian’s Wall Path – A 84-mile trail
 You will simply love walking the Hadrian’s Wall Path as it is completely safe and not too difficult for any solo female traveler. People living in northern England are very friendly, welcoming, and helpful. This is your chance to walk in the footsteps of ancient Romans and feel history as you pass through scenic countryside and lush green landscapes. Along the route, you can stop in the charming villages for a while and look at some archaeological sites, Roman forts, and museums that offer insight into the past.

The Peak District- A 155-mile trail

 Peak District National Park is well known for its rolling hills and stunning landscapes with charming, picturesque villages. It is a haven for nature lovers, hikers, and cyclists who enjoy gorgeous views at every turn of the hike. As a hiker, one can choose from the circulars from Castleton and from Edale. You will simply do well and just need to follow the signs and are sure to find plenty of photo opportunities along the trail.

The White Cliffs of Dover – A 8-mile trail

 It is not every daonly some day’s chance to explore the most beautiful part of nature on foot. The White Cliffs of Dover hiking route is both historic and iconic, allowing you to experience the fabulous scenery and attractions. Hiking the White Cliffs of Dover is very memorable as it will take you to the countryside, and you get to enjoy the coastal views of the region as you hike along the cliffs. As the hike is relatively easy, you can choose from many footpaths based on your preferences.

 Cotswold Way – A 102-mile trail

 The Cotswold Way is a long-distance trail that links Chipping Campden to the city of Bath in Somerset. The uniquely English trail is very well marked, with relatively easy walking. You get to enjoy beautiful panoramic views along the route that takes you through a quintessentially English landscape. You will love stopping at the picturesque villages, spending some time in the wildflower meadows, and looking at famous ancient sites. Cotswold Way is a perfect choice for solo women hikers who revel in the charm of the Cotswolds. 

Many people may argue that hiking alone is not safe for a woman, but with the missing number of solo female hikers all across the world, the trend and mindset are changing. Women especially find it empowering and incredibly useful for getting closer to their real selves. It is indeed a unique and peaceful experience just to be one with nature, even if for a little while, and keep away from the clutter and noise of the city life.

Embark on any of the above-listed paths that are perfectly safe for solo female travelers, well-marked, and offer frequent access to amenities. Wander on the trails as a solo female traveler and forget existential worries as it is time to indulge in soul-searching. Look forward to an invigorating hiking experience at some of the best destinations, as there’s excellent travel infrastructure, and plus English is the local language.