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The Best Styling Secrets According Your Hair Texture

We are stuck with the hair texture we’re born and no matter what we do we can’t change that. The main thing you need to remember about your hair is that you need to keep it healthy, no matter the texture. Racheal Young is the director of Ogle School of Cosmetology and she has the key on how to take the best care of your unique hair texture. Here’s how to keep the 5 most common hair textures healthy and beautiful.

1. Kinky-Coily Hair Texture


This is the driest hair texture and requires different hair care.

Use oils – Stop avoiding greasy products, they will not way down your hair. The oils will give you a definition.
Stretching Creams – Find a stretching cream that contains oil extracts. Stretching creams are great for this hair texture, because it can make your hair appear longer.
Hydration – Since this hair texture is the driest it’s really important to keep your body hydrated. Drink lots of water, that will help you keep your skin and hair moisturized.

2. Curly-Kinky Hair Texture

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This texture is a combination of spirals and ringlets and it looks frizzy and dull.

Don’t use a comb – Brushing your hair will only make your hair more frizzy. Use your fingers to detangle your hair.
Use a conditioner – Use a conditioner when you wash your hair. The conditioner will cleanse your hair without making it dry.
Use a cream gel – This hair texture is dry so pick a cream lotion and gel that will keep your hair moisturized.

3. Wavy Hair Texture


The main characteristics of this hair texture are fizzy waves and loose rings.

Avoid hot blow dry – Air drying and cool blow drying are the best to give your curls definition. Avoid using heat because it can damage your hair.
Don’t use gels and creams – Gels will only weight down your volume so avoid using gels or creams when styling your hair
Use serum – A light serum is the best choice for this hair texture. It will control the frizz and will make your hair silky.

4. Coarse Straight Hair Texture

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This hair texture can weigh heavily and grow in a triangle shape.

Wide Tooth Comb is great – After shampooing, use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.
Don’t tease your hair – When combing your hair, start from the bottom. This way you’ll prevent breakage. Don’t tease your hair.
Use lift spray – If you want to add some volume, use a non-alcoholic lift spray.

5. Fine Hair Texture


This hair texture tends to look flat and greasy.

Air-dry – To prevent damage, let this hair texture air- dry.
Protection – If you use flat iron or you blow dry your hair, remember to use heat protection.