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Best Bras and Panties for Your Body Shape

Every woman needs a bra that fits right, and panties that sit right. These two things will make you look and feel amazing. Here are our tips for choosing the right bras and panties for you.

Modest Bra


If you have small breasts, then we advise you to choose a wire free bra with flirty bralette.

Low Underwire


If you’re around 30-32 then you should choose a bra with a low-rise underwire. The benefit of this underwire is that it won’t dig into your arms.

Max Cleavage


If you’re looking to achieve a max cleavage then choose a bra that has built-in cotton slings. These slings will push together your breasts and therefore give you a nice cleavage.

Three-Part Cups


If god blesses you with a big bust, then you should choose the three-part cups bra. They’re perfect for supporting big breasts.

Low Profile


If you want to achieve a more perky look, then you should choose the balconette bra. The balconette bra combines enhanced lift and support.



If you’re a proud owner of an athletic body, then you can definitely rock a thong. Just work those glutes!

Bikini Panties


If you’re looking for panties that will flatter you the most, then the perfect choice is the low-cut classic.

Boys Short Panties


If your body is pear shaped, then these boy-short panties are perfect for you.

High-Rise Panties


If you’re rocking the hour glass figure, then we promise you’ll look fabulous in high-rise panties.

Booty Lifters


This type of panties are perfect if your booty is flat or small. They’ll lift your booty and give it a nice perky shape.