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Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

For most women, the pregnancy period is regarded as the perfect time to sit back and relax. You likely seem more exhausted than usual, and you might be suffering from constipation, leg cramps, and back pain. However, unless you’ve developed some complications, sitting back won’t make you any better. In fact, pregnancy can be the perfect time to get active!

A properly structured prenatal fitness plan can transform your pregnancy into a healthy, comfortable and an amazing experience. Even a small session of stretching can boost your mood and energy levels, promote strength, muscle tone and endurance, help you sleep better and prevent you from gaining extra weight.


Benefits of pregnancy exercise to the mothers include:

Decreased risk of complications during delivery

In a study conducted by California State University, women who took part in exercise twice a week gained less weight during this period, and also had reduced chances of delivering macrosomic babies. Macrosomia is a term used to describe infants who weigh more than nine pounds at birth.

Additionally, studies also suggest that adequate exercise during pregnancy lowers the risk of developing either preeclampsia or gestational diabetes. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with either gestational hypertension or preeclampsia, you should ensure that you consult your personal doctor regarding exercising. Depending on your condition plus how far you are in pregnancy, you may be advised to limit your physical activity.

It makes you feel better

At the point when you are wondering how that foreign body can be yours, moderate workouts can dramatically enhance your sense of control and boost your energy levels and your overall mood.

Research has revealed that women are at a significant risk of experiencing depression during pregnancy, with one out of two of all women reporting anxiety or depression. So how does exercise help boost your mood? Workout enables your body to release serotonin, a brain chemical associated with mood, hence putting you in good spirits.

Reduces pregnancy discomforts

Regular, proper exercise can help strengthen your muscles, which is key to making your body cope better with the pains and related aches of pregnancy. Doing both the yoga and stretches reduces back pain, swimming can help strengthen your abdominal muscles and regular walking can improve your circulation. If you’re worried about pain during your pregnancy, please also check with your ultrasound technician or doctor during your exams for additional advice.

Improves sleep

As the pregnancy progresses, the prospect of finding a comfortable sleeping position usually becomes a challenge. But, did you know that even a small activity such as walking can tire you out enough, hence luring you into a massive restful sleep?

It lifts your spirits

Low-level tiredness often affects most women during the first trimester, then again later in the third quarter. Even though you should never push yourself to the limits, just a little nudge, such as an easy walk or even a prenatal yoga class, could be the difference, since exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system, giving you the energy necessary for riding out your stressful thoughts.

Helps you get your body back faster after delivery

With a well-maintained muscle tone and strength during pregnancy, your body will have an easy task of bouncing back after you deliver. Additionally, you’ll be less likely to put on extra weight if you regularly exercise. In a certain study, women who exercised are likely to recover quickly after labor, hence resuming their household chores much faster compared to their counterparts who didn’t.

Reduces the severity of pelvic and back pain

It is widely known that the growing baby bump exerts some additional pressure on the lower half of yours, leading to an achy pelvis and incidences of lower back pain. However, immersing yourself in exercise may reduce both the incidence and the severity of these problems.

Pregnancy exercise benefits for the babies

Well, the advantages of being active during pregnancy don’t stop at maintaining your body at its optimum levels. Even though lots of extensive research is still being conducted, earlier studies have revealed that exercise is just as beneficial for your unborn baby as it is for you. Some of the potential benefits are explained below.

• Infants are less likely to develop colic and are also less cranky.

• Babies are likely to have lower levels of fat. Some early studies suggest that benefits of low levels of fat in babies might translate into reduced chances of developing diabetes and heart disease in adulthood.

• A healthy heart. A particular research proved that consistent workout routines at pregnancy could help in lowering the heart rate of the fetuses at thirty-six weeks gestation. This is great news, bearing in mind that a higher heart rate can be an indication of fetal distress.

Finally, infants can have improved neurodevelopment scores, especially in motor areas and oral language when tested at age four to five.

The Bottom Line

You already understand that exercise is good for your health, but its is equally beneficial when you are pregnant. The key to success is consistency! Women who take part in aerobic exercises for 30-minute sessions, at least three times per week, will enjoy the majority of the benefits discussed above. It is the ideal scenario. However, women who exercise at moderate intensity for at least five times a week will also experience reduced constipation, fewer leg cramps, will have increased energy, will see a quick return to pre-pregnancy weight and will experience a general improvement in their overall well-being. But do you have to take my words for it? Start exercising today and see the difference it makes!