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Baby Birthing Options For Expecting Moms: What To Expect

Anticipating the arrival of your child is widely considered one of the most overwhelming and exciting times for a mom-to-be. While you may have been spending all your time focusing on eating healthy nutritious meals, keeping odd cravings under control, and researching how to care for your infant, deciding how you will welcome your child into the world is often a challenging decision. Once you reach your due date, you may start to doubt your original choice, or you may have been advised otherwise by your midwife.

Regardless, many expecting moms fixate on the delivery method closer to the due date. Making the decision should always be based on your reasoning rather than those of your loved ones. Your preferences and the professional advice of your midwife should be considered the only valuable opinions.

Many soon to be moms feel flooded with conflicting advice from family members and loved ones and often end up feeling as though they are powerless. What’s more, some women even feel specific methods of birthing are somewhat frowned upon. However, it is crucial to consider a method that you think is the best option for you and your child. Each of the following birthing options hosts its pros and cons, which is why there is hardly a right or wrong decision.

Natural Birth

Natura birth is most often the first choice for expecting moms as we all know natural is best. However, natural birth, or vaginal delivery, is quite tricky to plan as you will have no way of determining the exact moment your body enters the labour phase of delivery. The benefits of natural birth include short hospital stays as the body is able to make a surprisingly fast recovery, new moms are also less likely to develop infections, and statistics show that babies born naturally usually have less risk of respiratory issues. In some situations, forceps or a vacuum device is used to assist with natural birth.

On the other hand, some moms shy from natural birth as it is quite a painful method. Mom’s are able to request pain blockers, such as an epidural that will remove the pain from the process. The one major downfall of natural birth is that some expecting moms experience difficult births and end up enduring an emergency cesarian section birth for several reasons. Other concerns for moms when evaluating the pros and cons of natural birth include blue baby symptoms that may arise from medical malpractice during emergencies and others.

Cesarian Section Birth

If your midwife or gynaecologist has advised a cesarian section birth, it is always best to follow the recommendation. Countless mom’’s insist on attempting natural birth regardless of medical advice and are later confronted with the stressful situation of an emergency c-section. This method of delivery will welcome your child into the world through a small surgical incision above your bikini line. The procedure is quite a low-risk option and moms are able to opt for a spinal block to be fully awake during the process.

C-section births are best if you are expecting twins or triplets, if the baby is quite large, you have had previous abdominal surgery, the baby is in breach, or your pelvis is notably small. The downfalls of opting for a cesarian section birth is that recovery will take between six and eight weeks and you will not be able to drive or lift anything heavier than your baby during this time. New moms also often require assistance with their babies during the recovery period.

Water Birth

Water births are fast becoming a popular alternative for expecting moms. This is because the water can provide comfort during natural labour by easing contractions. This method of birthing is usually guided by a midwife while additional medical practitioners are on stand by to evaluate the health of the child after birth. Even though many may consider water birth a worrying method due to respiratory concerns, it is proven that newborn infants will not breathe until emerging from the water as they do not breath within the womb. The method is also considered a more comfortable alternative to natural birth.

Home Birth

If a home birth feels like the right option for you as a mom-to-be, it is crucial to consider the importance of medical professionals. You will be able to request a home birth with the guidance of your midwife; however, in the event that you have experienced any medical issues during your pregnancy, a home birth should be avoided.

Opting for home birth is suitable if your pregnancy is without concerns, and you are relatively close to a hospital. It would not be appropriate to attempt a home birth without a midwife as clipping the cord and ensuring the babies airways are cleared are essential practices most of us would not be able to perform, especially when under pressure and stress.

The Health Of Your Baby

There’s no doubt you already know the importance of checkups and caring for the health of your unborn child. However, it would be best if you also considered each con associated with the different birthing options. More often than not, natural delivery is best for moms as recovery is fast. Home births are usually the option for a select few moms who are expecting their second or third child, as moms-to-be may not feel confident for a list of reasons and concerns.

Another underrated detail many moms overlook when choosing the birthing method is selecting the hospital. Ideally, expecting moms should opt for hospitals with excellent records in the field of practice. Despite extreme advancements in medicine, medical malpractice lawsuits are not unheard of. Therefore, finding a hospital with an outstanding record will also help ease your mind of several unbearable concerns that you may have as an expecting mom. Welcoming a child into the world is understandably overwhelming, although, focusing on your health and the health of your child should be your primary focus.