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Artist Akshita Gandhi Turns Heads with Award Winning Pop of Color Pieces.

Every art form has a story, and award-winning new artist Akshita Gandhi can tell more than just one. Blending visuals and art forms together, this Mumbai artist works to create a feeling within each piece she makes. Often using literary and historical references and convert nursery rhymes into poetry. Her ultimate message within her art to is to make audiences “live an experience and know it’s more than a painting.” In her own words she explains that “my art is more than a canvas. The poems and concepts that support my pieces aim to give my audience an experience. I want my work to tug at their heart strings, tug at their intellect, churn their minds and transport into another world.”

Citing works from Monet, Van Gough and Andy Warhol as inspirations, the ultimate goal with each piece is to create awe, and “to spread awareness about important social issues through my art, to make people smile.” What began as photographing slums and architecture of different cities that “make people cringe” slowly became a passion project in which she fell in love with the process of creating.

While originally a finance major, her love of fantasy and creativity propelled her along to an MA in Fine Arts, and from there she was named among the top five finalists for the “Best Global Artist of the Year” award at the prestigious Global Art Awards held in Dubai in the mixed media category.  Her artwork, Painfully Concealed Silence, was one of 20 displayed at the exhibition and was chosen from over 2000 works of art received by the fair.

Her love and passion for the arts of all forms has been a strong part of her life as long as she can remember. Starting at the age of three, she started to create bigger pieces, blending the ideas of color fantasy and imagery before her first exhibition at age sixteen.

Her work will be displayed in the upcoming Onishi Project Gallery – Group Show, June 2019, New York, USA. and Market Art + Design, Bridgehampton Museum, July 2019, USA.