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Achieve Your End of Summer Fitness Goals With MD Exam

If you set summer fitness goals, you’re not alone. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), almost half of the adults across the United States join you in the same objective. 

Before you know it, you’ll feel a nip in the air and see leaves changing. Even though fall is right around the corner, it’s never too late to make strides toward your end-of-summer fitness goals, lose weight, and increase your overall health. 

MD Exam combines cutting-edge medication, tried-and-true counseling, and telemedicine services for people across the United States. Their team of experts has already helped over 10,000 people lose more than 200,000 pounds and are ready to help you achieve your own personal fitness goals.

How to get started 

To begin, all you have to do is fill out a simple intake form and schedule your first teleconference session with a health professional on the MD Exam team. You can either opt for a same-day appointment or for a later date that is more convenient with your schedule.

During this initial consultation, you will discuss your medical history and weight loss goals with one of MD Exam’s trained physicians. With their guidance, you will select the program and medication that best meets your needs. 

Your prescription will arrive in less than two weeks, but your lifestyle shift can start right away. As soon as you join MD Exam, you’ll have access to a full suite of resources and knowledgeable healthcare professionals to answer your questions.

MD Exam’s clinically proven weight-loss programs 

If you’ve set fitness goals but were unable to achieve them, you know firsthand that most of today’s weight loss programs are ineffective. MD Exam sets itself apart with personalized programs that integrate routine telehealth consultations, diet and exercise advice, and clinically proven weight loss medication. 

Throughout your journey, the medical experts at MD Exam will advise you, track your progress, and make adjustments every step of the way. What’s more, they offer nutrition and exercise guidance to maximize the impact of your program’s weight-loss medication. 

MD Exam offers four treatment programs:

  1. The Game Changer program centers around the highly effective GLP1 drug Semaglutide. GLP1s reduce the time it takes for you to feel full by targeting your brain’s hunger hormones, enabling you to lose weight and establish better eating habits.

  2. The Wegovy® program — as the name suggests — is based on the use of Wegovy®. Like Semaglutide, Wegovy® helps to “reduce appetite, increase feelings of fullness, and promote healthier eating habits.” In combination with regular exercise and a proper diet, Wegovy® helps aid weight loss by targeting specific neurological receptors that let you feel full faster.

  3. MD Exam’s Ultimate program combines Tirzepatide, the most powerful weight loss medicine available. This program “combines the effects of GLP1s with GIPs” to create a powerful appetite suppressant that will alter your relationship with food entirely. However, MD Exam’s physicians recommend trying their Game Changer program before switching to the Ultimate program.

  4. Lastly, the company’s Classic program serves as a solid jump start for achieving your weight loss goals. This treatment option offers a well-respected weight-loss medicine that has been widely utilized for over four decades for “reasonable, immediate weight loss.” 

Each one of MD Exam’s programs is compatible with most major insurance providers. An online portal on the company’s website allows people to enter insurance information and calculate the cost of each program. People who lack coverage can pay by credit card or payment plan.

Personalized weight loss with genuine results

MD Exam offers you a revolutionary approach to weight loss and access to top-tier physicians and pharmaceuticals. The combination of telemedicine, evidence-based drugs, and lifestyle counseling may be the resource you need to lose weight and keep it off this summer.

Everyone has a different picture of success when it comes to their end-of-summer fitness goals. Whether you want to fit into your favorite workout clothes from college again or want those clothes tight enough to show off your new muscles, MD Exam offers the resources to help. The team helps you set realistic goals and then empowers you to achieve them. 

With MD Exam’s video consultations, monthly prescription delivery, user-friendly patient portal, advanced calorie and nutrition tracking, online support group access, personalized assistance, habit change program, and a money-back guarantee, you’ll be able to check off the fitness goals that eluded you in the past, and even set new ones. This company is on a mission to improve your life by providing you with safe, convenient, and reliable methods of losing weight.