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A Woman Wears Thousands of Bees on Her Body to Meditate

Meet Sara Mapelli, the real “Queen Bee”. She wears and dances with thousands of bees on her body. To be more precise, she wears 10.000 bees on her body while she meditates, to create an atmosphere of energy, sound and movement.

Sara is an Oregonian artist and energy therapist that wears a coat made from thousands of bees on her topless torso. Her bee performance aims to help people conquer their fears and become one with nature.


“I think of this dance as a duet among many. These 12,000 bees push with their powerful wings from each side of my body, I resist and then I let go and flow and move with them.”

Her bee dance is a part of her alternative medicine practice. Her audience, mainly people who are afraid of bees, go home less afraid of the bees and spiritually reinvigorated.


“It is a deep meditation and I feel the hive mind surround me, hold me, and expand my body on a cellular level.”

Take a look at the video created by National Geographic!