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A Tourist Dragged a Swan From a Lake in Macedonia and Left it Injured

A female tourist pulled out a swan from a lake in Macedonia in order to take a photo with it, and left him injured. The woman, reportedly from Bulgaria grabbed the swan by the wings and dragged it out on the shore of Lake Ohrid, located south-western Macedonia.


The woman took her selfie snap and then she abandoned the swan on the shore, which unfortunately got injured.

Witnesses explain that the swan did not react to the woman when she walked towards him, since the swans are used to the tourists visiting the town of Ohrid.

The photos show a woman dressed in black coat and jeans, grabbing the swan’s wing and dragging the swan out of the water.


In the photos, you can see the distressed swan fighting to be freed while the woman is smiling to get the perfect photo.

After the terrible encounter, the swan remained motionless and seriously injured on the beach.


Although in the media such as DailyMail and Huffpost UK appeared an information that the swan died, this isn’t true.

According local media reports he is still alive, but is injured and he needs professional health assistance.

Here is a photo of the swan recently published from the locals.


The swan is still alive, but is injured and needs help!

This is another evidence of human’s stupidity, doing everything to get the perfect selfie, sacrificing animals’ lives!

Selfies, GIFs, and viral videos can be harmful for wildlife and the story about the baby dolphin that died because tourist wanted selfie with her is another proof for that. Think before you shoot video or snap selfies with animals like these.