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Baby Dolphin Died Because Tourists Wanted Selfies With Her

Sometimes a picture can cost a life and this is a true example of it. A baby Franciscana dolphin was killed on a beach of Argentina as a consequence of rough handling of tourists. The baby dolphin, with another dolphin, was taken out of the water so tourists could take photos.Baby-Dolphin-Died-Because-Tourists-Wanted-Selfies-With-Her-1

The baby dolphin was surrounded by the tourists, eager to get a photo, unprotected from the hot sun.

“Dolphins can’t remain long above water. They have very thick and greasy skin that provides warmth, so the weather will quickly cause dehydration and death,” explains an environmentalist from the Vida Silvestre Foundation.Baby-Dolphin-Died-Because-Tourists-Wanted-Selfies-With-Her-2

As if the loss of the baby dolphin’s life for the sake of taking photos wasn’t enough, the Franciscana dolphins are actually listed as vulnerable species that are only found in southeastern South America.

Unfortunately, human self-absorption and curiosity lead to the death of an innocent animal, all for taking a photo.Baby-Dolphin-Died-Because-Tourists-Wanted-Selfies-With-Her-3

The world has gone so mad that capturing a moment for the virtual enjoyment has become more important than protecting the living things on our planet.