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A Mother’s Work: 6 Great Jobs for the Stay-At-Home Mom

Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, so they say, and its’s definitely one of the most rewarding ones out there. For stay at home mothers, however, the rush and sense of accomplishment they got from formal employment might be a missing piece in their lives once the baby comes along and becomes the focus of their world. Moreover, some of the skills they learned in school might start getting rusty, leaving them in a precarious position should they ever want to re-enter the job market. Is there a way to satisfy both the urge to take care of the little and get a little bit of professional satisfaction, with a solid income to boot? The answer is a definite YES.

Here’s a list of jobs you can tackle from home that you might not have thought possible, with all the flexibility you could require with such options as remote work, freelancing, alternative scheduling options, flex scheduling, and part time duties. Where there’s a will, there’s always a way, so let’s get right into it.

1. Copy Editing

For those with a strong educational background in writing or editing or working with the written word, then this might be just the thing to get them back in the saddle. There is plenty of demand for qualified editors to look over works due for publishing, and the relatively one-person nature of the job itself makes it a perfect fit for the stay at home mom. To get ahead of the pack, experience in admissions and academia, coupled with a proven knowledge of formatting conventions will be plus at most established organizations. Should this line of work appeal to you and should you have the background that qualifies you to pull it off, you might consider some similar job titles such as Copy Editor, Proofreader, Content Editor, and the like. They basically call for the same skill-set.

2. Travel Agent

Travel agents that have an active online presence (most of them, nowadays) are always on the lookout for people to help them deal effectively and efficiently with all the customer requirements and preferences that are constantly coming their way. This is where the stay at home mother can find a niche for herself. The duties basically comprise being the human touch-point between the travel agency and the potential client, performing requested research duties, reacting to client needs, placing bookings, and assisting wherever you can with the overall smooth operations of the agency. It can be a great telecommuting enterprise for the mom who wants to keep busy.

3. Forex Trader

Gone are the days when people had to huddle on the ticker-tape strewn floor of the New York Stock Exchange and shout over each other for the chance to participate in the stock and currency markets,. Technology, an the internet in particular has changed all that. Wherever you may be, all that’s needed is a working internet connection and you’ll be good to go, day or night. With countless sources of information available at the click of a button,

Forex trading is no longer a matter of luck for those willing to do their research. Many women at home are awakening to this very real and potentially lucrative undertaking, with European women, especially German moms being at the forefront in taking up this hitherto little-talked about option for mothers at home. It can be a great way to grow your money significantly in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

4. Customer Success Coach

Customer say what again? This might be a new concept for many out there, but it’s a very real occupation being done by very real people being paid very real money. The job description here entails responding to customer requests on behalf of the company, organizing and conducting meeting sessions with clients, maintaining knowledge-dense documentation, among others. To make the cut here, a knowledge of computing and web-based technology is a must. Proficiency with Skype and a mastery of the English language will also be called for, although foreign language knowledge can always be a plus in this line of work.

5. Online Tutor

There are people all over the world seeking the assistance of qualified tutors, especially European and North American trained, to guide them through their studies in various fields of education and at various levels. This is not only limited to English tutoring, as most imagine, but is applicable in geometry, mathematics, sciences, humanities and everything else. Just get your webcam and internet running, and you could be on your way to being the bringer of knowledge to a lucky someone out there.

6. Writer

This might perhaps be the ultimate entry here when it comes to the sheer flexibility and variety of work available. The online world is always hungry for content of every kind, and it’s growing hungrier with each day that our activities are redirected to online platforms. Blogs, websites, company pages, advertisements, marketing emails, e-books, guest articles, and a hundred other classes of online writing niches are all in constant need of quality contributions, so anyone that considers themselves good with words has the opportunity to put it all in writing for cash, all from their own home.

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