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Ready to Return to Work? Here’s What to Do

Being a mom is the most important job in the world, and of course it can also be the most rewarding and the most frustrating at the same time. Whether your kids are playing up or being angels, there’s certainly never a dull moment, and you’ll need all the energy that you have. Some moms manage to juggle bringing up children and holding down a part time or full-time job, whereas for others this isn’t an option or their preferred choice. Many women, however, find a sense of emptiness or loneliness after their children have grown up and left for college or homes of their own, and at that point some decide to return to the world of work. It can be a daunting thought, but if you’re ready to return to work after raising children, here are some steps that can help you along the way.

Decide What You Really Want to Do

If you’ve spent approximately 20 years away from employment raising your kids, you’re sure to find that the work scene has changed dramatically in the intervening years. Whilst that can bring challenges, it also brings opportunities, as it gives you a chance to decide what you really want to do with your career to come. If you enjoyed the work you did previously, you may be happy to return to that sector once again, but this can be an ideal time to branch out in a new direction and find a job that’s more suited to the new you: the more mature, experienced, assertive and positive you.

Create a Resume to Be Proud of

There’s one tool that’s more important than any other when it comes to landing a great job, and that’s your resume, but if you’ve spent years raising your children, you may be out of practice when it comes to writing one. Expert help can be found at specialist websites such as ResumeCoach. Resume Coach make it easy to produce a top-quality resume that will wow potential employers, and they also have a host of professional quality templates waiting to be filled in, which are especially useful for those who are unsure what to include in their resume and what not to include.

Refresh Your Skills, Or Learn New Ones

Returning to an area that you worked in before can give you a greater chance of landing a job, as you’ll already have lots of experience. Even so, you may find that employers now want qualifications that weren’t called for in your day, so it may be wise to attend college or evening classes to gain them. Alternatively, if you want to move into a totally new field of work, it may help to study the sector first, and once again college or even university can be a great way to do this at the same time as improving your educational attainments. With online courses available, you won’t have to sacrifice a lot of time just so you can transition into your new career. If you’re set to join the health care sector, maybe an MSN FNP online degree might be of interest or other similar courses. Once you’ve successfully raised a family, a period of extended study can be much less of a challenge, so you may find education much easier than you once did.

Don’t Underestimate Your New Skills

You may have had more than a decade away from formal employment, but that certainly doesn’t mean that you haven’t been working hard and clued up employers will realize this. Your experience as a mom will have supplied you with plenty of transferable skills that could be ideal for a new workplace. For example, you’ll have gained excellent organizational and time management skills, and you’ll be able to give instructions well and act from a position of authority, which is why many moms who return to work soon find themselves promoted to more senior positions. If you have an interview for a job, don’t underestimate these skills and don’t be afraid to talk about them when asked about the experience you can bring to a company.

Call in Favors

Newspapers and internet job sites are great places to find potential employers, but there could be a better source a little closer to home. If you’re ready to return to work, then your first step should be to let all your friends and relatives know this; you could even post the news on social media. They already know your skills and what you’re capable of, and they may be in a position to offer you a job directly or to recommend you to their own employer. This can result in a win-win situation for you and the company that employs you.

There are three words to remember if you’re thinking of returning to work after years of being a full-time mom: don’t be afraid. The skills you’ve learned as a mom will make you a better employee than you’ve ever been before, and you certainly won’t be wary of hard work. With the right resume to showcase your skills and achievements, and a positive attitude alongside it, there could be an exciting new career just waiting for you.

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