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9 reasons why you should read more books to your kids

Which child doesn’t want to hear a story before going to bed? Many parents skip reading before bed and leave their kids in front of the TV while they keep up with house work. Every parent should read books to their child and here are the main reasons why:


1. Everyday encounters with books lead to long lasting love towards the written word. Bringing books inside your child’s everyday life, you’re giving him the habit of reading which he will have throughout his life. It’s no secret that kids copy their parent’s behavior. You can’t expect your kid to fall in love with reading if he never sees his parents with a book in their hands.

2. You create a stronger “parent-child” bond. Reading is an intimate thing that makes your relationship with your kid stronger. It’s a real gift for parents who feel guilty about not spending enough time with their kids due to work commitments. You have your full attention while reading to your kid before bed without any distractions.

3. Your child’s vocabulary expands. Reading you will encounter with words that are not used in everyday language. Every time you find a word that is not familiar for your son, take a moment to explain it to him.

4. Your child becomes more curious and he wants to learn more. The more curious children get, the more they want to learn. And the magical world inside books awakens their fantasy. You will notice a lot of fun and interesting questions while reading to your child. Although they might seem funny, you should try and answer all of his questions because it’s good for your child’s knowledge.

5. Your child will have bigger chances of getting excellent grades and to grow into a successful person. Reading is crucial for your education and your future success. Studies show that kids that have been read to more often, are successful in school. Not all people who read are leaders, but all leaders read.


6. Your kid learns through examples. Kids can even learn something out of magical stories. When they’re small they learn to make a distinction between good and bad, and as they get older they learn about people`s relationships. Using characters from the books, you can start all sorts of discussions with your child and teach him all important lessons about life.

7. Your child learns that he should be quiet while someone is talking. You child focuses on the story and carefully listens to every word. This improves his concentration. Also, while you read at loud he learns that he should be quiet and listen when somebody else is speaking.

8. Your child’s memory and creativity improve. While trying to understand the story better, children collect a lot of data in their brain. If you read the same story a couple of times, you’ll notice that he will start memorizing it. This is how he will improve his memory. Also, while understanding the written word, the child uses his imagination and becomes more creative.

9. It’s easier to ‘soak in’ something new in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Children are like sponges while they learn something that they’re interested in. You can start reading more educational literature to your child and help him know his planet from the comfort of his own bed. When your child learns his mother language, you can start reading him simple books in a foreign language.

Always read to your child and minimum of 20 minutes a day, but don’t stop to this when he starts going to school. Experts say it’s better for your child if you read to him during his first schooling years. After he learns how to read, you should make him read to you..

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