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8 Small But Proved Tips For a Flat Stomach

Are you looking for the best yet easy ways to get a flat stomach? You will be surprised how much difference can make these small changes in your daily habits.


1. Correct body position

Try to sit or stand upright in any possible moment of the day. Putting your body in an upright position activates more muscles of the body, that can help in shaping the muscles of the abdomen. If your work requires sitting on the desk all the time, just write a note on a sticker that will remind you to sit upright.

2. Defeat the abdominal fat with a smile

Tighten your tummy with a huge smile. Laughter is the easiest and funniest way to tone the muscles of the abdomen. We know it sounds crazy, but still is a very effective way to tighten the muscles.

3. Eat the fruits and vegetables with their peels

Fiber is your ally in reducing fat. Just eat your favorite fruit or vegetable with its peel, since it is a great source of fiber.

4. Forget the chewing gum

If your stomach is bloated, blame the chewing gum. Chewing gum causes you to swallow excess air, which can contribute to abdominal pain and bloating.

5. Chew the food thoroughly  

It is very important to chew the food in your mouth longer, otherwise it can cause problem with digestion.  Eating slowly contributes to a lower risk of obesity, probably because it could aid appetite control. Chew each bite at least 10-15 times and enjoy the taste.

6. Do not eat while standing

Eating while standing can lead to eating too quickly and overeating, which means having a  snack afterwards. This is unhealthy because you’re not paying attention to what or how much you’re eating. Always eat in sitting position to have better digestion and a flatter stomach.

7. Hoop spinning

Include this fun children’s game in your daily exercise. It can help you tighten the abs. With these circular movements you will be able to exercise your abs, hips and reduce your waistline.

8. Remove stress through boxing

With boxing you get 2 in 1. With boxing you activate the muscles in the middle part of the body, and on the other hand, you reduce stress which is well known cause of stomach fat. Just include  the boxing into your everyday cardio activity.