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8 Facts About Fitness Your Coach Will Probably Never Tell You

More and more people are focusing on having a healthy lifestyle. In order to feel and look better, most people start doing physical fitness. Although being physically active is great for your body and overall health, it should be done wisely.

We’re giving you some curious facts about fitness that can make your training sessions more pleasant, helpful and effective.

Here are the 8 facts about fitness that your coach will probably never tell you:

1. You won’t always be able to reach your desired goals

We all have that image in our head of the ideal body shape but we need to be prepared that that image will probably won’t become a reality. Some people have better metabolism while other people’s muscle tend to grow faster. Don’t forget that most professional athletes have a special nutrition to get their desired shape. To set the right goal for you, you need to look at yourself objectively, consider your limitations and opportunities and try to get into the best shape of YOUR body.

2. You’ll have to wait for visible results

People who want to get in shape by summer, will most likely fail because there’s no such things as a quick result. Everything depends on your age, body weight and your body’s condition. Most people can see results after 2-3 months of working out. Some will take 6 months to see some changes in their bodies.

3. You don’t need a sport nutrition diet

As long as you have a proper and diverse diet, you won’t need sports nutrition. Many trainers insist on taking these products in order to make profits, but the reality is that you won’t need it. You don’t need a fat burner because you’ll be burning fat during your workout. A right diet combined with regular workouts will help you get into shape.

4. You probably won’t be able to get rid of cellulite

Workouts can’t help you remove cellulite, no matter if you’re doing cardio or weightlifting. Even if you have a healthy diet and productive workout sessions, cellulite can still be there. To make your cellulite less visible, focus on doing regular physical workouts and include a healthy diet.

5. You don’t need to do abs to get a beautiful belly

It’s not necessary to do abs every time you go to the gym. Some abs can even make your belly look wider. Your core will get enough action during the basic exercises, so you don’t need to do abs every day. Squats and lunges are great exercises for your belly.

6. You can’t build muscles by doing only dance, yoga or Pilates

To get sculpted muscles, you need to work hard those muscles, and the best way is by doing power training. Yoga, dance and Pilates are great, but they can’t replace going to the gym. If your goal is to build muscle, remember that you need to do power training.

7. It’s not good to eat very little and work out a lot

If you want to lose weight, you need to cut down calories, but you shouldn’t go to extremes. If you eat very little and work out a lot, your metabolism will slow down and your body will go in energy saving mode. Eating very little and working out a lot will only exhaust your body and won’t give you any good results.

8. You can get into shape without going to the gym

If you don’t eat harmful foods, don’t drink alcohol and have good genes, you can build a beautiful body without going to the gym. All you need to do is train on a regular basis. The key to getting the perfect body is consistency. Do regular exercise at home, try to walk more, follow a healthy diet and drink lots of water.