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8 Aging Tips for Women Over 55

Getting older is not an easy thing to accept. Time passes so quickly, and before you know it, you’re looking in the mirror at a middle-aged person. Not to worry, however, because there are plenty of great ways to look and feel great as you get older. These eight tips will help you stay healthy as you age, from head to toe (no joke).

Your Mind

Brain health is just as critical to aging well as physical health. Studies from Harvard Medical School have proven that keeping your mind active can increase your health and even stave off mental disabilities, illnesses, and other limiting problems such as Dementia or strokes. This is through increasing your “cognitive reserve” by continuing to stimulate your brain. Keep your brain healthy: read more books, learn a language, do the crossword every Sunday. You can even get a dog or cat to care for and train.

Your Eyes

Your aging eyes are not just about having to pull out your reading glasses to look at the menu. Many preventable eye problems can be forestalled by regular visits to the ophthalmologist.  Technologies in eye care are advancing rapidly, so preserving your vision as you age is easier than ever. And if you ever get bored of your plain glasses, you can also try contact lenses or get a fun pair of frames for your glasses to spice up your look.

Your Teeth

Studies show that 75% of people over 65 will keep most of their natural teeth, thanks to modern dentistry. While no one loves going to the dentist, poor oral health is increasingly linked to instances of diabetes and heart disease, among other illnesses. Daily brushing and flossing are easy ways to keep your teeth as healthy as possible and will help you steer clear of more painful dental procedures.

Your Heart

Getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes a day is all you need to keep your heart healthy as you age. Besides the ordinary benefits of physical exercise such as keeping your weight down, a healthy heart means lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Try going for walks with family or friends, or even trying water aerobics to ease tension on your joints while staying in a friendly community.

Your Gut

As you age, your diet becomes ever more important in maintaining your health. Don’t rely on the latest fad to lose weight. Eat healthfully, mostly vegetables, reduce consumption of alcohol, and try anti-aging supplements like Butylated Hydroxytoluene. Play with spices, take a cooking class; your food doesn’t have to be boring just because it’s healthy.

Your Hormones

Menopause is no fun. Not only are hot flashes inconvenient and uncomfortable, but they are also a reminder that hormonal changes can impact your overall health. To prevent post-menopausal conditions such as osteoporosis, be sure to eat healthy and take supplements such as calcium. Sleep can also be affected, so try a guided meditation to help you fall asleep, or take melatonin to ensure adequate rest.

Your Legs

The importance of physical exercise cannot be stressed enough as a key preventative measure against diseases and fractures. You don’t need to overdo it, however, simply walking every day can have enormous long-term benefits. If you do experience a break of some sort as you age and walking becomes difficult, devices such as canes and stairlifts can allow you to stay in your home as you recover to make your life easier.

Your Toes

Sometimes you just need to treat yourself to something nice like a foot massage or pedicure. Relaxing nerves and muscles can relieve stress and increase happiness, which in turn can prevent wrinkles induced by stress. Life is short, so gather up some girlfriends and go for a fun girl’s day!

You can’t go wrong in following these eight tips to age gracefully and healthfully. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look and feel young.

Author Bio:

Joseph Jones has been writing senior care and aging related articles for years. He got his start while writing for a personal blog before he was offered to work at California Mobility in 2018 as the Content Marketing Manager, creating highly informative guides and health awareness articles for aging adults.

He’s currently contributing to a variety of blogs in the industry in hopes to spread information about taking care of seniors and what to expect in the aging process.