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8 Reasons to Choose Contacts Over Glasses

Whether to wear contact lenses or traditional eyeglasses, or perhaps to own both and use them on different occasions, is a major decision that will affect your comfort, style, clarity of vision, and finances.

There are pros and cons of both options – neither is “perfect,” but there are specific, persuasive reasons why more and more people are switching to contacts with every passing year.

According to experts at Lens World, the price of contacts is continually coming down, at the same time that the technology and variety of contact types is steadily rising.

So if you’ve been thinking of finally “taking off your glasses permanently,” here are eight good reasons why that might indeed be the right decision:

1. Better Vision

Framed glasses sit a half inch or so back from your eyes, while contacts “make contact” and hug the curvature of your eye surface. That means you get better peripheral vision with contacts and improved focus as well. It’s true that eyeglasses offer better UV ray protection, but you can get UV-filtering contacts too and just wear sunglasses when you really need them.

2. Less Weather “Interference”

Wearing glasses when it’s foggy out, when it’s rainy, or when it’s excessively hot and steamy out can be challenging. Wind can even threaten to knock your glasses out of place or clear off your face! None of this is an issue when you wear contacts.

3. Increased Comfort

Though some have a fear that contacts would be uncomfortable to wear, consider the discomfort of eyeglasses sitting on your nose ridge and over your ears all day. Modern contact lenses can be very comfortable, and once you get used to them, you’ll forget they’re even there!

4. Better Looks

Your appearance will be much more natural without a pair of glasses on, and most people like the way they look better with contacts over glasses. Contacts aren’t going to clash with your outfit, and who can afford to have a different pair of eyeglasses for every occasion?

5. Change Your Eye Color!

If you want to get a little adventurous or creative, contacts allow you to switch eye colors. There are even special effect contacts available today that can fit perfectly with anything from a wedding dress to a Halloween costume.

6. Wear Them For Sports!

Having to take off your glasses to play sports games or to take part in other exertive physical activities like exercising, running, or swimming, is far from convenient. If you’re a sports lover, it only makes sense to use contacts, at least while you’re in the midst of competing.

7. Specific Prescriptions

You can now get contact lenses with hyper-specific prescriptions and for a wide variety of purposes. For example, there are now bifocal and multifocal contacts and contacts with toric lenses to help with astigmatism. You don’t have to settle for a less suitable prescription in order to switch from glasses to contacts.

8. Extended Wear or Daily Wear

If you worry you’ll fall asleep while wearing your contacts or you simply dislike having to change them out or clear them very often, try extended wear contacts, which are good for up to 30 days of continuous wear. Or, if you have sensitive eyes, daily disposable contacts prevent you having to constantly stop and clean your contacts and can also keep your eyes moist for 24 hours to help prevent dry eye.

These 8 are among the top reasons why people are switching from eyeglasses to contacts in droves, and why even those who don’t totally switch are using contacts in some situations and eyeglasses in others.