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7 Ways You Can Remove Fat from Your Liver to Deal With NAFLD

Did you know that you can actually start to accumulate fat in your liver? When this happens, this fatty tissue starts to gradually take over your liver and remove all of your healthy liver tissue. The fatty liver looks a little brown and greasy, when compared to the healthy pink of a good liver. One of the biggest side effects that comes with accumulated fat in the liver comes into play when you start to gain a lot of weight. That’s because this causes your metabolism to slow down and you cannot lose weight.

However, there are some great ways to reduce the amount of fat in your liver and keep yourself healthy with the help of natural methods that you can easily implement in your life. Keep reading down below how you can do that and deal with NAFLD.

  1. Eat Less Carbohydrates

One of the first things that you need to do in your life to reduce fat in your liver is to cut down the amount of bad carbohydrates that you’re eating. If you have a diet that’s full of donuts, white bread, white rice, and anything made from white flour or sugars, then that is contributing highly to your fatty liver. Make sure to cut them out and replace them with healthy carbohydrates like brown rice. This is common knowledge that you’ll find on sites like Fatty Liver Diary.

  1. Drink Less Alcohol Than You Normally Do

Another big thing that impacts the health of your liver and the amount of fat in it is the amount of alcohol that you drink. Drinking excess alcohol is troubling not only for your overall health, but because it increases the amount of fat that sticks around in your liver.

  1. Go for the Veggies, Lean Protein, And the Right Kinds of Fats

One of the best things that you can do for your liver is completely change around your diet to one that’s full of raw veggies, lean protein, and the best kinds of fat – yes there are good fats out there! When you do this, you will be fully cleansing your liver and ensuring that there are no bad things going in there to contribute to a fatty liver.

  1. Drink Raw Vegetable Juices

A great way to get those veggies into your diet is to make them into juices! Raw vegetable juices are going to give you that boost of vegetables in your diet that you’re missing. You can add some fruits in there to make it taste a little better if you would like, as well.

  1. Try A Liver Tonic

You can also get some liver tonic in capsules that will provide you with the nutrients and chemicals needed to start repairing your unhealthy liver. These capsules come packed full with nutrients like Vitamin B12 that will help to repair your liver.

  1. Use Milk Thistle Supplements

Now, you might not have heard of this one yet, but increasing the amount of milk thistle supplements in your diet have been shown to improve your liver’s functioning. This is supported by a lot of research that shows that these supplements can improve the health of your liver and cut down on those fats that can build up.

  1. Get Some More Omega-3 Fatty Acids into Your Diet

You can either eat more salmon and fishy products for this or take some supplements of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are fantastic for everything from your brain’s functioning and development to cutting down on the amount of fat in your liver.

And there you have it! Which of these methods for cutting down on your fatty liver have you heard of before and which are new to you?