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7 Tips To Make Your Winter Outfit Look More Expensive

Temperatures below zero makes us put on layers of clothes, wrap the biggest shawl and put comfort before style. It doesn’t have to be that way. Having a perfect winter style isn’t just about putting on tons of knitted clothes on you. Here are the 7 tips that will help you make your winter outfit look more stylish and more expensive.

1. Put a Belt on Your Coat


This way you’ll accentuate your waist and give your coat a more stylish look. Choose a color that’s similar to the color of your coat, massive and wide and with some sparkle.

2. Leather on Leather


Leather pants with leather boots will make you look like a fashion star. Add some fur and rock this winter outfit!

3. Thick Knits


Sometimes knits can look cheap and the best thing to do is to choose thick knits. This way your outfit will look more expensive.

4. Mix the Fabrics


Who says that you’re allowed to wear just one fabric? Relax and put on a nice, knitted sweater with a fur jacket. Mix your fabrics to get a stylish winter look.

5. Fedora Instead of Knitted Hat


Hats are great but a Fedora will give you the sophisticated and elegant look. Wear it with your favorite coat and you’ll definitely be noticed.

6. Impressive Necklace With a Turtleneck


Turtlenecks can get boring. That’s why add a signature necklace. This will instantly improve your look.

7. Poncho


Putting on layers is a must during winter. Complete your look with a nice, warm poncho! You’ll look fabulous!

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