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7 Reasons to Choose Malaysia as Your Honeymoon Destination

Many people often neglect to add the SouthEast Asian country of Malaysia as their vacation destination and are counted out when considering a romantic location for honeymoons or romantic celebrations. There are many things that this country offers that will have you creating the memories of a lifetime.

Malaysia is one of the most multicultural countries in Asia and has more romantic locations and activities than you may think. The culture is a vibrant combination of Indonesia, India, China, and Malaysia. From the amazing food to the welcoming and friendly people, this destination will be great for any kind of vacation. If you need some convincing, here are some reasons to choose this country for your honeymoon getaway.

1. Budget Friendly

The cost to spend your vacation in Malaysia is a cheaper option than the rather popular place of Bali, Indonesia. It is often compared to the price of vacationing in Thailand as the costs of food and other activities are less expensive. These costs are affordable for any budget you may have. With this country being budget friendly it allows room for more activities and experiences.

The currency of Malaysia is called Malaysian Ringgit and is abbreviated as MR. many establishments in this country do expect tips, but there aren’t any requirements to do so. Restaurants often add about 10% service charge to your bills. There are ATMs available everywhere so you won’t have to stress about getting the right amounts of cash at the airport beforehand.

2. No Language Barriers

Another factor that makes this foreign country a great destination for your romantic celebrations is that you won’t have to worry about miscommunication or language barriers. Malaysia is a melting pot of people and languages so, there are many languages being spoken at all times.

Many Malaysians are multilingual and most have adapted to the English language. Someone will most likely be speaking your language as long as it is quite popular. From English to Portuguese, this country breaks all barriers formed by language.

3. Perfect For Any Kind of Traveler

Whether you want to visit for a luxury getaway or for a well-budgeted relaxing stay, Malaysia is a great location. It offers opportunity and options for all types of travelers. Those that enjoy hiking and nature walks can visit the city of Borneo or those that want to experience the city life can visit the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

4. Variety of Adventures

The number of activities and adventure to go on in Malaysia are endless. From hikes up Mount Kinabalu to relaxing in the gardens of the Cameron Highlands, there are activities for all types of travelers. Go cave exploring and learn the history of Kuala Lumpur when you visit the beautiful Batu Caves. You will find gorgeous limestone hills, Hindu shrines, statues, and old paintings when you climb your way up the long stairway here.

Take a tour through the Borneo rainforests and see the wonderful wildlife of Malaysia. You can even visit the preservation locations that home endangered species like the orangutans and the Borneo Elephants. If animals are your thing and you enjoy exploring nature visit Borneo for the most fun and exciting experience.

If you’re into more of the historical aspect of new locations then try visiting the old Melaka City and see the oldest and most sacred temples to the Asian people. With many museums available you can learn about the indigenous people and their heritage. You can even take a cruise through the river to see the old river houses and experience the old trade and commerce center.

Or if you simply want to enjoy the city life find yourself in the city of Kula Lumpur where the grand Petronas Towers are located.

5. Amazing Cuisine

The food within itself is a prime reason why people want to visit Malaysia. With the influences of India, Indonesia and Chinese along with the Malay cultures, you will experience a cuisine so unique, you’ll remember it for a lifetime. The amount of food available throughout this country is abundant as it is consistently sold on the streets. You can find foods from Chinese noodles to Indian spices.

Try Malaysia’s popular dishes like Nasi Lemak, which is comfort food that contains rice and your choice of meats and vegetables. Or step out of the box and choose to taste the Rendang dish and experience the spices of India.

Other foods you must try when visiting Malaysia:

  • Banana Leaf
  • Bakuteh (BKT)
  • Hokkien Mee
  • Sang Har Noodles
  • Satay
6. Wonderful Climates

The weather varies on location but for the most part, the climate of Malaysia is majority warm. You should always check the weather of your location before heading there to make sure you pack what you need. The tropical weather year-round causes many tourists to spend their vacations here to escape the winter months.

Certain destinations can get a little chilly if you choose to stay in the mountains of Malaysia, but for the most part, this place is filled with beautiful beaches and humid rainforests.

7. Beautiful Romantic Resorts

The resorts of Malaysia should sell you on this digestion for your romantic getaway. There are many resorts that have specific packages and themes for those on a honeymoon or romantic vacation. Locations like the Cameron Highlands is one of the most romantic places to spend your time as you will be pampered with tea baths, strawberries, and champagne.

Choose Pangkor Island for a beautiful beachfront resort or the Taman Negara if you want to experience the rainforests. The city life is alive in Kuala Lumpur and it invites those who want to enjoy the people around them while also enjoying their significant other. Decide on Shangri-la’s Rasa Ria Resort or Sea adventures Dive Resort if you want to experience an adventure-filled outdoor honeymoon.