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7 Effective Tips to Prevent Eczema Scars

It can be really scary when you first get those itchy red patches on your skin, they might appear on your cheeks, chin, your hands, or any part of your body. Going to the doctor is essential at this stage to be able to diagnose your symptoms correctly as there are many different types of eczema. Your family history, your skin products, or other products you get exposed to could be the reason behind eczema. But how to avoid scaring your skin?

There are some tips and hacks that we have collected that you can do and follow to minimize or prevent any ugly scars.

1. Resist Your Urge to Scratch

We know how eczema can be irritating, painful, and itchy but you need to stop yourself from scratching your skin. Rubbing your skin will only lead to more inflammation, irritated skin, and can even cause an infection. Ask your doctor for ways to keep you away from reaching that itch so you won’t scar yourself.

2. Moisturizing Is Key

The best skin care routine includes a lot of moisturizing. Keeping your skin smooth and moisturized will relieve that itchy and irritable feeling that eczema cause. Make sure you apply your moisturizer on damp skin to give your skin the hydration it needs. Make sure you are hydrated from the inside as the outside. Your skin will thank you if you drink lots of water.

3. Make Sure Your Skin Is Clean

Whether you have eczema on your body or your face, it’s extremely important to clean your skin the right way. Choose a gentle cleanser that matches your skin type considering if it’s oily, dry, or a combination of both and pick one for sensitive skin to make sure that it will not irritate your eczema. When picking the right shower gel, make sure that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or substances that could worsen your condition.

4. Home Remedies

Misleading information on the internet could worsen your symptoms. When doing home remedies, make sure you are using safe ingredients that will not harm your skin. Lemon is a big no to use on your face nor your body in many cases. There are some amazing home remedies that can help with eczema scars, just make sure you don’t blindly follow them without researching.

5. Sunblock Is Essential

We all love our skin to be glowing with a nice tan, but the sun can be really harmful on the long term. Going outside without wearing a powerful trusted sunblock all over your face and body whether you have eczema or not will slowly destroy your skin. Make sure you washed, moisturized, and applied your hydrating sunblock in the morning in every season before you expose yourself to the sunlight.

6. Be Careful with Your Makeup

For many of us, wearing makeup is an expression of who we are, it’s a form of art that we can’t abandon. You don’t have to stop wearing makeup if you have facial eczema, you just need to be careful with the makeup products you pick up. Choose corrective makeup that has hydrating effects and doesn’t include any chemicals.

7. Seek Medical Help

The first thing you need to do when you first notice any weird new symptoms is to seek a doctor’s opinion. Make an appointment with your dermatologist when you first notice signs of eczema. Share all your fears and questions with your doctor to make sure you are not doing anything that could harm your skin.

Don’t Stress Yourself

Many of the eczema types can be treated but the problem is the scars, blemishes and the discoloration that it leaves behind. You could be having atopic dermatitis which is a chronic disease that probably start at a young age, allergic contact dermatitis that might occur as a reaction to certain substances, and many other types such as dyshidrotic eczema, nummular dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and stasis dermatitis. The most important thing is to know that you are not alone, eczema is very common among different groups of ages and your scars won’t last forever. Having a skin problem can lower our self-esteem, but know that every problem has a treatment, you just need to have the patience and energy to take care of yourself.