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6 Surprising Things that Cause Dog Stress

There are plenty of factors that can cause stress and anxiety for your pet dog. Just like humans, pets also feel overwhelmed and anxious about certain situations. As owners we need to be aware of the warning signs that indicates stress.

Shaking, excessive barking, and uncontrolled urinating are only a few signs that our dogs have stress related feelings.  Know the many other different signs and symptoms of dog stress by referring to this article: https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/signs-your-dog-is-stressed-and-how-to-relieve-it

To eliminate factors that can cause stress within our dogs, we need to know what they are. Here is a list of the six most common and yet surprising things that causes stress.

  1. Spending Too Much Time Alone

When you have a demanding job or social life, chances are you have to leave your canine to entertain himself during the day. Pets, especially dogs, are very sociable and need company to keep them mentally stable and happy.

Remember they are pack dogs and like to move around together. If you can’t help but be away for long periods of time, you should consider a doggy day care where he can play with other dogs and interact with staff.

Make time over weekends and at night to spend with them and at least let them sleep in your room. If not on the bed, then at least on their own bed in the corner of the room.

  1. Moving Away

Moving to another country or city can be traumatizing for a human being. In the same way moving home can trigger stress within your pup. They’ve become accustomed to certain smells in your area and now all of that has changed.

Pups can feel quite uneasy in a new home or even in kennels when you go away for an extended holiday.

  1. Breed Type

Surprisingly, some dog breeds are prone to showing signs of depression more than others. This is because certain breeds are more emotionally equipped than others. Golden Retriever or Labrador owners will notice that their pooches are much more emotionally inclined than say owners of Great Danes.

Some breeds are just designed to be more of an emotional support to their humans than others. Whenever you are sad, they can feel your emotions and empathize with you. This can often manifest in stress or depression.

  1. The Introduction of a New Pooch

Introducing a new pet into the home can be strange for all the animals who live there already. That is why you have to be very careful on how you introduce new pets into your home. Very carefully and slowly.

All the pets need time to adjust, sniff each other out, and eventually make friends.

  1. Death

It can be really traumatizing when one of the home’s pets die, not only for the owners but for the other animals too. Canines get use to each other and they see the other pets in the home as their family; a part of the pack.

This also applies to when a member of the family dies. There have been many videos online showcasing the complete heartache by a dog crying when their owner dies. Dogs can get extremely attached to people in the home and when one of those people leave it can cause depression and sadness.

To calm the nerves and anxious feelings in any of these cases, owners can resort to giving their pups natural remedies like CBD oil for dogs, read the full info here.

  1. Noises

A dog’s hearing is extremely sensitive. They can hear sounds from very far away. Whenever there are loud bangs or music, they can become quite stressed out. Luckily, many countries have banned the use of fireworks over festive seasons to spare all dog’s nerves.

Something that owners don’t always consider as loud and scary noises, is when there is constant fighting and shouting in the home. Pups can get very scared when owners start yelling and screaming at each other.

As a dog owner, you take on the responsibility of caring and providing a safe environment for your pet. Whenever you notice that your dog is feeling anxious or stressed, you should eliminate any elements that can worsen it.