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6 Signs You’re Raised by a Toxic Mother

Our mother is the first person we meet and our first influence! Children’s behavior depends on what they learn from their mothers and that’s why mothers should focus on being great parents! Although mothers provide love and care, they sometimes end up mistreating their child and raising them in a toxic environment. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that the have been raised in a toxic surroundings, not until they reach adulthood. Some end up really disappointed to learn that their mother is the one that brought all that toxicity!

Here are the 6 signs that indicate you’ve been raised by a toxic mother:

1. You have low self-esteem

Toxic mothers always compare their children with their siblings and other kids. This behavior ruins the child’s self-esteem and he’ll eventually grow up with low self-esteem, which will affect the quality of his/her life. Some kids even grow up feeling worthless, which can lead to depression in adulthood.

2. You feel afraid

Toxic mothers want to control their kids and use many different tactics. One of those tactics is making them feel afraid of their simple life choices. If you’ve been raised by a mother that made you fear your life choices, you’ll grow up struggling to choose things in life.

3. You always seek validation

Toxic mothers always make their kids feel guilty. These kids will grow up always seeking validation in everything they do. They’ll even stay in bad relationships just because their partner sometimes gives them a compliment.

4. You justify their behavior

Did your parents made you believe that they were emotionally and physically abusive because you deserve it? As time goes by, you’ll justify their behavior and why they don’t have time to ask you about your day. You’ll even find excuses for their behavior.

5. You can never reach your goal

Toxic mothers teach their kids that it’s impossible for them to reach their goals and dreams. They will never give you their support and will always point out your failures. This behavior causes kids to start thinking they’re never good enough and they’ll eventually give up on their goals and dreams and settle for less.

6. You feel guilty

There isn’t a kid on this planet that hasn’t experienced a guilt trip from their parents. Toxic mothers use this tactic every day. Even when you’re all grown up, your parent will expect certain things from you an if you refuse to do what they want,they’ll make you feel guilty about it.

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