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6 Risks Of Wearing Heels During Pregnancy

One of my friends that’s in her 31st week of pregnancy noticed how her back had start to hurt a lot during the last few weeks. Her pregnancy week by week was checked by the doctor and when she told him about her back pain, the first thing he asked her is if she was wearing heels during those last few weeks. She immediately said she was, on which the doctor said that she should stop wearing them right away. She was then surprised by his reaction, but at the end he explained to her all of the risks of wearing heels during pregnancy.


Want to find out the risks and why you should stop wearing for the time you’re pregnant? Well then, keep reading, as we will guide you through the risks.

1. Your Feet Will Be Even More Swollen

Swollen feet, or edema, start to take its effect during the 22nd week to 27th week of pregnancy, it affects around 25% of all woman and may last even until the 31st week of pregnancy or until the end of it. It also may cause swelling in your legs and ankles. Also, during your pregnancy fluid accumulates in your legs and feet which can cause a very pain, especially if you’re wearing high heels. During that time, wearing heels will feel really uncomfortable and will just make the problem worse. Also, it would be very painful to squeeze your feet in heels.

2. Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic nerve is a nerve that goes from your back, all the way to your feet, going through the back of your legs. If you wear high heels during pregnancy, it can cause pressure on the nerve, which can lead to complications. You can have symptoms like pins and feeling needles in your legs, not to mention numbness in your legs. It can also cause damage to your disc in spine.

3. The Back Pain Will Make Your Life Much Harder

When you are pregnant, your body secrets hormones, and one of them is progesterone, which job is to loosen ligaments in your back to allow the growing of your stomach for the baby and so that baby can safely pass through your pelvis once the time comes for that. This loosening, combined with wearing high heels can also cause your pelvis, hip and back to shift, for your posture to completely bend because of your posture, resulting in a different shape of your back. Because of the weight gain during the pregnancy, maintaining that posture would only do a lot of pain to your back, and should be avoided by any cost since the damage you do to your ligaments can have long-term effects.

4. Annoying Muscle Cramps

Wearing high heels during those precious nine months can cause problems with your muscles, if worn every day. When you’re in high heels, your calf muscles are constantly being shortened, which can lead to tightening them over a period of time. It can stay like that for the rest of your life and you can develop calf cramps.

5. Irritating Hip Problems

There’s yet another problem you can experience while wearing heels during your pregnancy. When you wear high heels the bones in your hip are pushed up due to the weight of the baby, and with time your legs push your body upwards. This leads to making your bottom jut out after you give birth.

6. Chance of Miscarriage

We all know that it’s not the easiest thing in the world, to walk in heels, although many think they’re an expert in that. Now, imagine on top of all of that carrying extra weight by the baby, especially in your last trimester, when your belly is the biggest, and your center of gravity is moved by the hormonal changes and the baby’s weight. Why risk falling down in high heels, and hurting your baby, when you can rock some lower heels and be just as fabulous. Think about it, would you rather look fabulous or hurt your baby?

Pregnancy Week By Week

Things that we learned from this that wearing high heels during pregnancy is a bad idea, and that’s the only way to look at it. You could seriously harm your own body, or even the baby. There are many risks and the price of it just isn’t worth it. Be patient and when you deliver your baby, you will have a chance to wear high heels again. But during the pregnancy week by week will go, and you will have to be careful about your baby since to a mother, her own child is everything.

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