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5 Ways to Relieve Sciatica Pain Fast

Sciatica is a term describing pain that begins in your lower back and extends to your buttock, thigh and leg. The pain is caused by a compressed nerve in your lower back, which leads to numbness and weakness in your legs.

Lumbar disc herniation is the most common case of sciatica. Mechanical stress can cause the tearing in the outer layers of the disc and cause the inner substances to herniate. This happens at the weakest point of the disc-the area where the nerve root exits from the spinal canal.


How to Treat Sciatica?

1. Chiropractic Care and Physiotherapy

Chiropractors and physiotherapists can really help you treat sciatica. They promote proper motion and they’ll help you relieve your pain. You can try electrotherapy, ultrasound and other modalities, exercises, joint mobilization, manipulation and soft tissue therapy. Consult with your chiropractor or physiotherapist to learn what treatments are best for you.

2. Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture can significantly reduce sciatica symptoms. Tiny needles are inserted through your skin at specific points along your meridian channels. The needles cause micro-trauma to your muscles which leads to the release of endorphin. Endorphin calms the nerves and relieves muscle pain.

3. Ice/ Heat Therapy

Applying heat packs or ice packs can help you reduce pain and inflammation. The heat will help you loosen up your muscles and ice will help you reduce inflammation and swelling.

4. McKenzie Exercises

Chiropractors and physiotherapists give these exercises for decreasing leg pain. Consult your chiropractor or physiotherapist before you start doing them!


5. Lumbar Spine Traction and Decompression Therapy

If your pain doesn’t go away, then you can try this option. This is actually a traction therapy that spreads the lumbar vertebrae and allows the disc material re-absorb into the outer disc material.