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5 Ways Not to Burn Out on Your Run

You go for a run and you start experiencing difficulties in the middle of it. So the question is: Do you give up or you simply push it through? There are some strategies that can help you complete your run without giving up. The main trick is: Don’t train more, train harder.

Here are the 5 ways to avoid burning out on your run:


1. Start Slow

If you’re going on a long run, follow the routine world’s best runners. They start their long run with simply jogging. Divide your run into 3 parts. The first part of your run should be your warm up. In the middle of the run or the 2nd part, start increasing your tempo. In the 3rd part try to maintain your speed or if you can speed it up.

2. Change the Route

If you always run on the same path then you’ll start feeling bored. The simple change of route can be a perfect motivation. Search for places that have interesting scenery that can make your run more interesting. Add one new route each 2 weeks.

3. Don’t Force Yourself

Don’t force yourself too much if you start training for a long distance run. By forcing yourself, you’ll put too much pressure on your joints and muscles and that can lead to an injury. Start slowly. For example do a 10 miles run in the course of 3 runs. Increase the mileage each week for 10%. You might think that this is a slow process, but it’s the best process to prepare your body for a long distance run without getting an injury.

4. Take an Easy Day

We recommend you taking it easy some days. This ways of training is called polarized training, a training of combining hard sessions with easy sessions. When you take an easy day, your body will be more prepared on the high intensity training. Make a weekly training plan that contains 2-3 easy days, 1 hard and 1 moderate day.

5. Lift more, Run Less

Doing weight training can improve your running routine. Weight training can help you build your body and strengthens your muscles. The stronger your muscles are, the more efficient you runs will be.

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