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5 Ways Your Mattress Is Affecting Your Health

Did you know that we spend almost a third of our life sleeping in our beds? Yes, I know it sounds unbelievable. Whenever we are about to do something different or new we usually take up some protective gear or whatever is appropriate for the occasion but when it comes to our sleep we sometimes tend to ignore the simplest things. This leads to a number of sleep issues like body ache, incomplete sleep, insomnia and fatigue.

There are many instances where if we just use the correct measures we will wake up the next morning fresh and ready to take on the world. Let us start with the most basic ones and that is your mattress. Your mattress is more important than you think. It needs to be just right if you want the best sleep.

1. Everyone Wants to Be Stress-Free!

An old and worn out mattress has a higher chance of causing stress issues like headaches, body aches and fatigue. Sleep discomfort causes you to have a bad mood while waking up and this causes a new batch of problems in your daily life.
Often issues related to the mattress go undiagnosed and lead to worse problems, but with the right replacement you can help minimize issues like this and have stress free early mornings.

2. Don’t Allow This to Make You Obese!

Yes obesity is also a cause of incomplete sleep. Changes in sleep patterns can affect your hormonal balance especially the ones responsible for you to feel hungry and full, namely ghrelin and leptin. Hormonal imbalance is one of the worst issues to be having and it needs a lifestyle change if you don’t want the medicines.
All this hormonal issue will keep you hungry at odd times making you want to eat more than necessary. Imbalance in diet which is usually always there will pave way for obesity. And all of this started with the wrong mattress.

3. Keep the Allergies at Bay!

Modern mattresses are often chemically treated and can carry a host of allergens for various people. Some people might be aware of their allergies but many might not which can often cause life threatening issues.
There are many ways to avoid such mistakes. The best one would be to use organic ones or to ask if they are chemically treated or not. You need to be aware of your allergies so that you are not caught unaware. Be alert and aware of what you are purchasing for your family.

4. Are You Working on Your Bed?

This is another major lifestyle problem that has started to haunt the current generation in the last decade. As people are getting busy in their work and with work piling up faster than ever, people have started bring it to their homes. This might seem quite irrelevant but it has long term implications on your health.
As the work pattern changes your brain starts associating your bedroom to be a workspace too. And like every other time it tries to keep you alert and awake. Even though your brain wants to rest its habits have changed. Now this is going to affect your ability to sleep. You can now say welcome to a host of sleep deprived problems.
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5. You Will Hate the Body Aches and Spine Problems.

After all this, body aches and spine problems should not come as a surprise to you! Bad sleep habits are equivalent to sleep discomforts which leads to spine problems. These issues once they hit you are permanent. There is no real solution to spine problem as such.
You will be stuck with a bad back and will need regular exercise to stay away from other problems. So be careful in selecting the mattress. Too soft and you will not have enough support for your back and too hard will keep you turning around. Don’t go for extra-plush mattresses.

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