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5 Things to Look for Before Joining a Gym

Picking the perfect gym should not be an impulse decision; you should take your time to find a place that will truly help you reach your fitness goals. Think about these five factors carefully before making your decision.


At the end of the day, the most important factor that will get you to and from the gym is consistently proximity. Statistics consistently rank inconvenience as the leading reason why members terminate their contracts. Even if this gym is perfectly suited to your needs, the distance to get there will probably inhibit you from going as often as you should. So, unless you find your dream gym a fair distance from your home or workplace, make sure to pick a fitness club that is convenient for you to access.


Since gyms now host great degrees of variety, make sure you find one that is suited to your exact needs. First, you will need to decide between if you would like to attend a traditional style gym that you can access on your own schedule or a new-wave boutique club. Most boutique style clubs will be structured around class schedules.

Both styles of fitness clubs offer advantages and disadvantages. Boutique gyms will undoubtedly offer a more personalized and intimate experience and will likely be stacked with like-minded clientele, which could enhance the atmosphere, and accordingly, the atmosphere.

On the other hand, traditional gyms offer the convenience of working around your schedule to fit in workouts as opposed to moving your daily priorities around to make a class time. Many prefer to make plan and execute their own workouts while occasionally signing up for classes provided by your gym, if applicable.

Like with anything, with fitness clubs you are likely to get what you pay for. Therefore, this financial consideration is likely to affect the atmosphere that you pay for as well. But as always, its simply a matter of preference.


The fitness world is undergoing a digital transformation. Everything from wearable fitness technology to nutrient tracking applications to have become an everyday part of our lives. To follow suit, gyms are experiencing a similar transition in terms of technologically advancing. Facilities now run like machines with elite gym management software systems.  Many fitness clubs have replaced antiquated equipment for digitally compatible machines that accurately track and log calorie burn or synch with your fitness apps to comprehensively log your daily fitness progress.

Similarly, the technological advancements can immensely improve classes offered by a fitness studio. For example, specialty studios like Orangetheory have incorporated heart rate monitors for individual use for each of the class members in order to track their HIIT cycles throughout the duration of the class. Many spin classes have similarly implemented technology on the bikes that allows class members to compete and race each other.

Class Options

Group classes are an awesome way for you to not only try new types of fitness that you may never try otherwise. They also are excellent way for you to truly become a part of your gym’s community and make more out of your membership.

For me personally, I was terrified to join group classes at my gym, but was convinced by my friend to try out a Les Mills BodyPump class. However, I instantly fell in love with them and began structuring my gym schedule around when I could make classes with my favorite instructor.

What’s more, that class introduced me to the basics of weight lifting by pairing music tracks to routines where we would work on specific muscle group. I was able to transfer what I learned in that class about weight training to my own work outs, and found a completely new passion for weightlifting on my own.

I was also able to experiment with different types of classes, like pilates, barre, and yoga, to mix up my work out routine or let my body actively recover. Most gyms will include classes within the monthly fee; however, others will charge additional costs for specific of all class options.

Contract Obligations

With cost an obvious consideration, terms of a contract should not be ignored either. Gyms that tend to offer more flexible contracts are typically budget gyms, meaning their low price will match their quality of service. If accessibility and affordability rank at the top of your considerations, budget clubs will favor lax contract adjustability.

However, no one wants to be stuck in a gym contract that is difficult to break, especially if that gym is not working out for you! Make sure to carefully read any contract before committing.