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5 Key Tips for Ice Skating Beginners

When you watch people enjoying a spin around the ice rink, it’s incredibly tempting to join in with the fun. But for complete beginners, it’s equally possible to be totally intimidated by all that slipping and sliding.

If you’re determined to give ice skating a try, these tips will help you overcome any initial reservations and find your feet in no time.

Keep your Chin Up

Your first time on the ice can feel disconcerting, and the temptation is to stare down at the surface of the rink to keep an eye on your feet. This isn’t helpful and will probably cause you to crash into others if it’s busy.

The best advice is to fight this urge, keep your chin up and look ahead as much as possible so that you know where you are headed.

Keep your Knees Bent

You’re more likely to topple over backwards than sprawl forwards when ice skating, so to keep yourself upright it is better to bend your knees and lean your torso in the direction you’re travelling.

Maintain your Skates

Once you become confident enough to make regular trips to the rink, it’s important to remember that wear and tear will take its toll on your skates. If you don’t take steps to maintain them, you’ll be putting yourself at risk of injury.

You could take them to a kit shop to get them fixed up, but all you really need is the Sparx skate sharpener. Keep this product to hand at home and you can ensure that the blades have a keen edge before each use.

Train with an Expert

Whether you know someone who’s an experienced skater, or you decide to get lessons from a paid instructor, it makes sense to follow in the footsteps of a seasoned ice skater if you want to get over your early skating jitters.

An expert will be able to provide you with all the helpful pointers and advice you need, while also having the ability to respond in real time to your skating style and make suggestions about changes you can make in order to improve.

Join a Club

This is a step you might not want to take straight away, but is a good option for many amateur skaters who are interested in what this hobby has to offer.

An ice skating club is not only a great way to learn the ropes with like-minded people, but can also be a brilliant social activity where new friends can be made. Just like a variety of other sports ventures that are available, it is good for your mental health.

Keep Trying

Like any skill, ice skating is something that takes a little time and effort to get good at, so don’t quit if you encounter issues on your first attempt.

Stick with it and it can become an incredibly exciting and enjoyable sport, whether you eventually decide you want to pirouette professionally or are simply looking for a different way to stay active and exercise in your spare time.