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5 Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Cannabinoids are marijuana-derived substances that have varying effects on the human body. While the “high” associated with weed is due to one of those substances, it’s wrong to think that all of them have psychoactive effects. And, this is why we must first answer the most common question.

Is this thing weed?

Well, CBD oil (or hemp oil) is essentially purified weed – with only the healthy things left intact. The cannabinoid responsible for the “high” in weed is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. On the other hand, the one present in hemp oil is mostly CBD or cannabidiol.

CBD oil supplements are growing increasingly popular and you can now even find them on Amazon. Hemp oil products are here to stay and with consumers demands now being higher than ever before, the market is also saturated with low quality oils. That’s not always the case, however. KarmaCBDoils 800mg oil is a good representation of quality products for reasonable prices. Regular use can impact your health in the most positive of ways, helping you have a more comfortable every day life. We recently conducted a market overview on CBD oils that you can find in our other article over here: https://www.anabolichealth.com/cbd-oil-for-sale/

The only thing that makes CBD and THC similar is that they work on the same cannabinoid receptors in our body. Unlike THC, CBD does not have any high-inducing effect. In fact, it counteracts that particular effect of THC. Because of this, recreational marijuana have low amounts of CBD.

How CBD Oil Can Benefit You

So, it’s clear that CBD isn’t harmful or psychoactive like weed, but is that enough to explain the compound’s ever-increasing popularity? Actually, CBD oil offers so much more, particularly in terms of health benefits – and it’s about time that you learn about them.

Managing Stress

When the body experiences stress of any kind, it produces the hormone cortisol. This hormone is essential in managing the effects of inflammation. However, like any substance in the body, too much and unregulated cortisol will have negative effects.

This include difficulty in building muscle mass and preserving strength, muscle breakdown, increased water retention and accumulation of belly fat. For someone who works out or performs any type of athletic activity, unregulated cortisol or stress is surely detrimental.

CBD can help keep levels of stress hormone in check. It has been found to reduce cortisol levels, even when the hormone is at its highest. Aside from that, people who consume CBD generally have lower cortisol levels after experiencing stressful social situations.

Overall, with CBD oil, you can reduce the undesirable effects of stress itself.

Getting Better Sleep

With good quality sleep, your body can perform at its best in both physical and mental pursuits. This is why sleep has been deemed a crucial part of success in bodybuilding, sports performance, and general daily tasks.

Why is sleep so important? Those who lack sleep suffer from increased cortisol production and poor physical performance due to poor glycogen storage. They also have lower levels of HGH or human growth hormone.

This is also where CBD oil can help as it has been proven to alleviate insomnia, increase one’s total time of sleep, and reduce chronic pain during sleep. However, keep in mind that this is only true for medium to high doses. CBD oil, when taken in low dosage, has stimulating effects (similar to caffeine).

Taming Your Appetite

Before you think of the “munchies”, you have to remember that there are other substances present in marijuana that could be responsible for increasing one’s appetite. And, CBD isn’t among those substances as it has been proven to do the opposite.

This is due to CBD’s ability to block the CB1 receptor. This particular receptor is responsible for triggering the hormone Ghrelin, which increases one’s appetite and hunger. With this receptor occupied by CBD, it cannot be activated to cause the release of hormones that would otherwise  cause you to feel hungry.

Moreover, aside from blocking the hunger hormone, cannabidiol also prompts the release of the hormone Leptin. This is the hormone responsible for feelings of fullness and satiety. Whenever you don’t have enough leptin in your body, your hunger and appetite both get a boost.

By taking CBD oil, you can take control of your appetite, which can greatly improve your caloric control. This makes it a useful weight-loss aid for overweight and obese individuals or for people who need strict macronutrient management for their fitness goals.

Fighting Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the primary causes of chronic diseases. In addition, it also makes it difficult for your body to perform at its best. This effect of inflammation is what eventually causes diabetes, metabolic syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic illnesses involving the nerves and the brain.

CBD oil has been proven to relieve inflammation, particularly in the joints, blood vessels and  intestines. By suppressing inflammation in these areas, your body is ensured to have improved injury prevention and optimum nutrient absorption. Moreover, you’re minimizing inflammation in your muscles – allowing them to function optimally.

Improve Insulin Sensitivity

With high-sugar and high-carb food products being so common, our bodies are more likely to have elevated insulin levels for long periods of time. This can eventually lead to insulin resistance which, if not taken care of, could further lead to diabetes and weight gain. Of course, this would also mess up your body in the short term as it could increase fat buildup and weight gain.

With CBD oil, you won’t have to worry as much about insulin sensitivity. It has been found that CBD keeps insulin regulated at acceptable levels, preventing it from flooding your system. Keep in mind though that having too much of the hormone insulin will deprive your blood of glucose, eventually causing hypoglycemia, don’t overdo it.

There’s  Only One Thing You Have to Watch Out For…

Unfortunately, our body isn’t really designed to absorb CBD. Studies show that it’s only capable of absorbing roughly 6% of the compound. For this reason, it’s recommended to take CBD via inhalation or sublingual methods. And, to improve absorption even further, combine it with  dietary fats and turmeric.

Keep in mind that CBD oil is a completely natural substance. This means that no one can monopolize its distribution in the market – and that’s a good thing. As more and more people decide to reap CBD’s benefits (including the ones not listed here), its price will only get more competitive.

As a consumer, you have a vast choice of hemp oil brands. To pick the best one though, you’ll still need to consider factors such as purity, source, and convenience (in terms of intake or use). While finding the right product will take time, in the end it’ll definitely be worth it.